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  1. The Purist

    Alberta Assault Replacement

    Gents, We had one player drop out due to family and grad school issues. If you know someone who would like a free entry courtesy of Mike W we have two games to play in two weeks. The scenarios are all short and low density so should go quickly. Round 2 kicks off tomorrow. First come first...
  2. The Purist

    Factories and Guns

    I might be missing something here but... its been a long time since my last Stalingrad campaign. C2.7 notes that a Gun that is not a small target or an AT/INF may not set up in buildings unless the Location is fortified. I checked RB and VotG and I do not see an exception for Factories. Am I...
  3. The Purist

    VASL/VASSAL Crash?

    G'day, Gents, Late in today's game I lost connection. I tried to reboot VASSAL but got a message saying my version of VASSAL was no longer compatible (3.2.17). I reinstalled 3.2.17 but now all my VASL game seems to have vanished. The download is there (6.5.0) but that's it. I get a message...
  4. The Purist

    ASL for Fun 26

    G'day Gents, George K at LCP has another new of his large scenarios with custom map ready for some playtesting. I have plenty of time and would like to help out if I can find a willing opponent. Cheers.
  5. The Purist

    Fire Spread Clairification (B25.6)

    Just a quick clarification on the +1 to flame spread DR for upper levels In the photo below does the possibility of flame spread gain a +1 for DRs for hexes K7, K8, L8? Or, do Flames need to spread to those hexes ground levels first, turn to a blaze and then spread to the upper building levels...
  6. The Purist

    VotG Cloaking for at start on Map units.

    I couldn't quite make out whether this was resolved or not. I tried a google search via Game Squad: xxxx but it led me to the 48 page thread (which wanders hither and yon). Do we have a confirmation that units starting on map in a night scenario use Cloaking or just Concealment? Cheers.
  7. The Purist

    US 6-6-7 AE in VASL

    Would it be a major ask for our VASL Gurus to create a US Assault Eng'r S/HS based on the US 6-6-7 elite squad. I ask because I have seen a few scenarios now that use this counter in FtF play (which makes historical sense). This would save having to use a 'label' noting AE. Maybe add the...
  8. The Purist

    DM Crew Manning Non-emplaced Gun

    If the the crew of a non-emplaced AT/Inf gun in open ground is DM, does the +2 Gunshield negate the open ground status for mandatory rout purposes as long as the crew is in possession of said gun? I am assuming that any enemy unit in normal range that can trace its LOS from outside the...
  9. The Purist

    DI with MG MA

    Allowed? I thought not but.... In game now.
  10. The Purist

    Alberta Assault 3 06-07 March 2021

    The 2021 Alberta Assault 3 is in the works (NB** - Indy is riding 'presidential' in the back of the limo this year). As with previous tournaments it is planned to be held at the Mount Royal University Faculty Lounge in Calgary, Alberta the first weekend in March, 2021(06-07 March). The format...
  11. The Purist

    A9.61 and D3.53

    Looking for a clarification on the "MG used for TK" purposes (currently playing U23 Road to Kozani Pass) A9.61 states that an MG that is halved for any purpose cannot be used for a TK attempt versus an armoured target. This would limit a non-vehicular MG to a Prep Fire, Def Fire or Opp Fire...
  12. The Purist

    Vehicles in OBA

    I probably knew this back in the day but I couldn't find a specific wording for the two situation below. Mr Honus and I are pounding away at each other in Sowchos 79 (U28 - Turning of the Tide) Item 1 A tank is an FFE Blast Area and wants to start up and change its VCA before leaving the hex...
  13. The Purist

    Fortified Buildings and Guns

    I will be playing a game soon with Fortified Buildings. My opponent is relatively new to the full game and threw me a curve ball on Fortified Buildings and Guns. My understanding has always been that you cannot remove a Gun from a fortified building but it has been suggested the following...
  14. The Purist

    "Pavlov's" House

    Modern research has replaced the 'traditional' view regarding Pavlov's House. As noted in the video, the real story is much more interesting than the Soviet propaganda. It involved most of a company with heavy weapons, artillery support, mines, barbed wire.
  15. The Purist

    Well Worth Watching - Paulus's Surrender

    Paulus's Surrender at Stalingrad
  16. The Purist

    KGP CG II Bridge at Cheneux

    It's been the best part of 15 years since I had a chance to play any of the KGP CGs and as I have never played CG II that was this month's challenge. It's also a small CG so it should go fairly quickly. The German purchase was two SS Inf Pltns for 18 CPP, the 75* Inf gun section with the kuhl...
  17. The Purist

    Creeping Barrage (Alt) Hexgrain Aiming Point

    I'll be using a creeping barrage in an upcoming battle and the aiming point is to be along a(n) (Alt) Hexgrain. Can the Creeping Barrage pre-registered hex in 13BB3 noted below have an aiming point hex of 24N1? Or,... Would the barrage need to be aligned as per the below screen (noting the...
  18. The Purist

    Wagon Overruns

    This came up in an early war scenario with Mr Honus. As D.2 notes that a wagon is vehicle except that it expends MF instead of MP, could it overrun in much the same manner as a Truck (1 FP)? If yes, then I would assume that any Passengers could then add in their IFP (tripled and then...
  19. The Purist

    A Bit of Fun

    Have peek at this. :LOL:
  20. The Purist

    I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I think I Canicatti

    J51 Canicatti (Journal 3) Geoff (Uncle Duke) wrapped up this scenario last Saturday evening after a nail biting finish that came down to the last American move and AFPH. Canicatti pits a German defence of half of Board 15 centred on two 50L AT guns supported by six 1st Line squads, three Elite...