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  1. macrobo

    The Guard Withdraws in CC does he take the prisoners with him

    Dear Rules Guru's Cant see this clearly in rule book or Q and A - a Guard (237 (Germ) guarding 2 sqd equilivent) has a 457 (brit) enter his hex - The CC starts and the Brit rolls the 12! - so 237 takes the better path and leaves and seem to take the prisoners with him! since he is not pinned ...
  2. macrobo

    Heavy Falling Snow still allows smoke

    Hi All Playing Recon by Fire No3 "South Park" with Jack (alias Hong Kong Wargamer) - US have toys and some strange things will happen with some big pop guns in the end but - "Heavy falling Snow" - in the Kamp Gruppe Piper terrain does not seem to preclude Smoke rounds - thus my toys (Quad 50's)...
  3. macrobo

    Bog Check Modifier for Bocage

    Hi All Very common occurrence - Sherman crosses the bocage - then rolls a "9" - +1 normal ground pressure but is there a +1 or +2 for crossing bocage - cant find any modifier in all the list? Thanks in advance for this Cheers Rob ?
  4. macrobo

    Where is the rule for Firing the Open Topped Tank/AC when BU?

    Hi all lost a rule - remember that some open top tanks can't fire when BU but cant find the rule either in Ch D or Ch H under individual tanks All I could find was the armoured half track rule but not the OT tank rule Thankyou in advance for the help Cheers Rob ?
  5. macrobo

    Can Opel Blitz Truck unhook and unload

    Hi All Opel Blitz - 28MP towing a gun and carrying its crew and a squad as well Unloads Gun after stopping at 2MP so up to 16MP - can they now unload squad or can it be part of the unhook gun MPs To be clear - simultaneous unloading of squad and unhooking a gun? is it possible or is it...
  6. macrobo

    Confused about Smoke Drift A24.61

    Hi All Tried all the Q and A to no success and reading a few smoke articles as I write SO simple likely the answer so sorry if I am being a bit thick n reading A24.61 A mild breeze is generated on a WCDR of snakes followed by a 6 thus a mild breeze occurs and direction is determined Does the...
  7. macrobo

    Maureen is Amazing

    Hi All This is a shout out for Maureen ? - I think is Ray's wife - and does all the shipping Like a Roman intrigue :eek: - a parcel to my down under lock down joys (Melbourne Aust) went missing and the US post office was just bizarre the answers they gave Maureen and myself when simple...
  8. macrobo

    Pak 37L German - some questions sry

    Hi All - muddled head time again ? Two questions (a) The H6(9) -does that stand for TK 9 and available on a 6 or less? - even though TH is 11 same hex, 10 adjacent, 9 two hexes away etc etc? per the footnote in Ch H (b) Stielgranate 41 and the lovely historical piece in Ch H suggest not...
  9. macrobo

    Playing Residual wrong - how modified by SMOKE

    Hi All May have been doing this very wrong for many years!!! A unit fires from a smoke hex - +4 to the dice so hard to do much to the enemy but I thought residual was not affected I thought that like a Fire-lane - residual not affected by smoke or like the Low Visibility does not affect...
  10. macrobo

    Are radios shown at setup

    Hi All Playing Lawless HS 27 - is the German and Brit radio revealed at start since there is no hip and concealment is only if you want to delay the fire I seem to remember radios can be hip at setup like guns or am I remembering a fantasy and played it wrong for years - I might add I cant...
  11. macrobo

    Breaking in Human Wave and Banzai - routing before melee - cant find the rule

    Dear All Again - need to highlight this when shown - cant find that rule that allows it Basically on the Banzai - the compulsory final protective fire occurs and breaks the defender as they enter the hex - I was sure you could rout in that rout phase following since you were not locked in...
  12. macrobo

    Where oh Where are the scenarios with a dozen plus PzII's

    Hi All (and in particular Paul) The unsung hero of the battle of France! THE PANZER II (OFTEN AN "F" MODEL) was stated in a magazine article the other day yet this is not the ASL experience - this comment was stimulated by my getting the new French module and in particular the river crossing...
  13. macrobo

    Question of Leader on Top for Fire resolution

    Hi All I believe but again struggling to find the rule - that when a stack resolves a random selection - the leader should be placed on top for that roll - am I imagining such a rule? - is it an old rule that was removed? Thank you for your help in advance Cheers Rob :)
  14. macrobo

    A9.8 - assembly of sw - cant find that this is right - likely I have done it wrong for 20+ years

    Hi All My esteemed opponent did something that launched me into an hour long search to no avail across the tomb and Q and A collection (plus digging out a few journal debriefs since they are now in PDF) US squad in dfire phase assembles the MMG as one action but then fires inherent at a target...
  15. macrobo

    Lost a small Rule - legality of a bypass of a hex based on the width of the bypass point

    Hi All Rules Gurus I have have dug and dug and seem to be unable to quote to an esteemed opponent the legality of bypass rule where hex 19Q1 (when its a board edge) does not allow enough distance to bypass and avoid a shot from 19Q2 - I thought it was the width of a standard counter but alas I...
  16. macrobo

    Gully Shell hole hex in Red Barricades

    Dear Rules Guru's There are lots of Combo "gully- shell hole" hexes in the famous RB If I advance into or am into one when there is a enemy unit adjacent - do I loose concealment if I pay the shell hole cost - is is it OG or terrain ? My opponents argument is that the shell holes are not in...
  17. macrobo

    So Many Rooms on VASL!!! - server struggling

    Hi All The COVID 19 now strikes - VASL!! Cant keep my room working with 15-20 other rooms working!!!! Thought it was just Toilet paper Rob
  18. macrobo

    Mark's Latest Funny Comment!! on CH

    Hi All I just busted my sides laughing at this one :love: Mark Ps extensive reviews on Desperation Morale are always GEMs as usual but there is always a great quote in the set - but there are always lots and lots of contenders for that best side-splitting quote ? "though it is no easy chore...
  19. macrobo

    Modified Th for CH for Infantry Target

    Hi All Sry to remain dense to the rules - Just never get this straight Does a PzIIIL TH at Russian crew ATG in stone building - rolls a 3 - Basic Th is an 8 at 6 hexes - Modified TH is (gun and ammo) BU +1 - double acquired -2 - but in stone + - is it left out of the CH calculation or is it...
  20. macrobo

    The Final Two Arab – Israeli War Packs – Lebanon 82 and Fort Lahtzanit

    There has been a bit of interest in Arab Israeli stuff so I thought I would complete my detailed RVS of this area to help those who need to know – please if you wish to bag CH – get your own thread Lebanon 82 Consists of 10 pages of Historical blurb and detailed run thru combatants, vehicle...