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    Game Spy finaily reviewed Hearts of Iron

    I liked the Stony Road mod, it was an excellent addition.
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    Reviewing Alexander the Great

    BOOOOOOOOO.....BOOOOOOOOO I think thats all I need to say about that comment as funny as it really was. But I can't wait to see the movie with some of my good friends next weekend, we'll have a gay ol' time. ;)
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    need Half Life^2 help!! Caution! possible spoilers inside

    At the bottom of that pit is some wood that you need to break open and some stuff will float to the op that you can use.
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    Half-Life 2

    Man I love this game, on PA they just posted their new comic about the game and its ability for you to be able to cause as much mayhem as possible. Everyone should read these comics...HILLARIOUS.
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    Half-Life 2

    I'm sure it could give you many helpful ideas for your biological warfare labs...Mind controlling head crabs might be a very good one for you to look into, Just a suggestion. Andrew B.
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    Half-Life 2

    You guys have no idea how much I have wanted this...Soon enough I won't even have a social life...rather I will have less of one that what I have now. I hope my computer will work for this game. This is truly a gift from a higer power. :cry: Andrew B.
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    Halo 2

    Thank god there is still a sane/knowledgable person on this website.
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    HALO2 review by Gamespot

    they have a new one. But really you guys need to quit wating your time on this game and saving your energy for Half-Life 2, Oh GOD I cant wait for that to come out.
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    Most fun thing to shoot

    Gungans...OH GOD I HATE THE GUNGANS! Gungan: Wesa People gonna Die? Me: Oh we can only pray to god that your whole race is exterminated from the Star wars Universe...if not your whole race at least Jar Jar Gungan: Wesa People gonna die. Me: Exactly and your going to be the first one...
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    My Next Game Purchase

    Save your money and upgrade your computer for Half-Life 2!!!
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    PM problem

    OMG that is hillarious.
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    The Best South Park Episode Yet!

    I was sort of angry that it took a couple of PETA members to get Stan to realise that that all elections are every between are a Turd Sandwich and a Giant Douche.
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    They changed the end in the last Star Wars

    The revenge that I got for the "weesa free" at the very end of the Star Wars DVDs was me killing countless Gungans in Battlefront, dear god it made me feel good....supid Gungans, as for Hayden Christensen I hope he gets molested by really big burly men.
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    Star Wars Episode III poster? Site claims scoop

    I've said it once I'll say it again...HEAR! HEAR!
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    D&D turns 30

    I have some of the first edition stuff that my father gave to me when he played. Monster manual, Dieties manual...all of hist millions of dice.
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    Favorite Movie Scores

    1. STAR WARS! (Original Trilogy) "Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It made the Kessel run in less that twelve parsecs" 2. Star Trek Movies (1,2,4,8) "KHAAAANNN!!!!!" 3. Boondock Saints "We must always fear the wicked. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear...
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    D&D turns 30

    Sorry I forgot to tell you all how much I hate Third Edition.....Must Destroy Wizrads of the Coast......
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    D&D turns 30

    Ah I love 2nd edition the best, but you guys should check this out...its a performance done by 8 bit productions, its called 8bit D&D its hillarious, you guys should check it out.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront is out!!!

    Can the storm troopers aim the blaster rifles? Or can they still not hit the broad side of a barn point blank on full automatic?