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  1. nebel

    ESG57 Madagascar Snake Pit

    It has been a while since I've played a scenario with a really good title so we pulled out ESG57 Madagascar Snake Pit. This scenario has some mixed mostly second hand Commonwealth troops attacking a varied and mostly imaginary set of Vichy defenders. The attackers have a choice of 3 VC: clear...
  2. nebel

    RPT25 Cornwall's Rum Ration VC

    Ok I am reading these VC and it is confusing. I assume normal rules apply but the way this is worded hints that the designer wants a different approach... What is the interpretation of the VC which say: "The British win at game end if they control >=5 stone building hexes on/between U and Y...
  3. nebel

    Campaign AAR: Ozerekya Breakout (OzB)

    Timely that another poster would resurrect FCGorgon's nice AAR from last year. That thread inspired me to complete the campaign myself... Just finished my first ever play through of the Ozerekya Breakout HASL package from Lone Canuck. With only a tiny bit of arm twisting, my regular weekly...