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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Listening to Black Label Society alternating between the "Mafia" and "Sonic Brew" albums.
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    What material would you like to see made into a movie?

    Those stories were great back in the 80s. But, they have not aged well. I tried to re-read them a few years ago and was stumped on why I liked them so much.
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    What material would you like to see made into a movie?

    Here! Here! That would make a great movie. Also, I would like to see George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series made into a movie(s). Medieval fantasy, light on magic, heavy on intrigue, politics and big battles. Sort of a fantasy War of the Roses.
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    Rules I dont like

    Hi Rob, While I disagree with making house rules...when one rule, and only one, applied at random, really annoys both players there is no problem forgetting about it. We are there to have FUN. Not please the ASL gods. And we'll continue to do it until the Pope of ASL excommunicates...
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    Rules I dont like

    Snipers: Never liked 'em. My usual ftf buddy and I don't even use 'em when we play each other. The game has enough randomness in it and the scale is large enough that it is not really needed (I realize it is a judgement call on that). It's just "one more thing" to think about during dice...
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    Anything besides ASL?

    I'm curently working on my MBA thesis. So I have limited play time. I allow myself one ASL game at a time, but before the thesis I only played ASL and PC strategy games. I've looked into and purchased some ATS and Panzer Granadier, but have never played them.
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    MMP Sale

    Good Point! Has MMP ever looked into doing digital downloads for OOP journals? You could charge $20-25 a journal. I don't know what the state of copyright abilites are with that technology. But, it may be feasible and reduce the need to carry physical inventory. I've bought some other...
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    MMP Sale

    Score! Now I have to intercept the CC bill before the wife sees it...
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    ASL Counters

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes. I would buy all new counters if they were in color. Why? I like buying ASL stuff. It is my second vice...I can never have too much. Never! :devil: I bought BV in 1986 and have just about everything from initial release. It would be nice to spice up the boring old 4-6-7...
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    The Alamo

    I just watched The Alamo last night. I loved it. I'd give it 4 out of five on BBT's strength as Davy Crocket. The recreation of canister fire was cool and when someone was bayoneted, they really meant it. I thought it showed how personal a battle gets at the end. After the Mexicans had...
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    PS2 or XBOX

    X-Box. Hands down, its the best. If you have an HD TV, be sure to hook it up with the S connector and set it for the highest resolution you can. I've got mine hooked up to my widescreen HD TV and Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell and Halo look awesome! If you like RPG's (which are better on PC...
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    Arab-Is product

    I'd buy it. I always regretted not getting CH Genesis '48 pack when it was available. I wouldn't mind getting some '67 and '73 stuff too. As for ATGM's, I agree that the 2 minute turn negates the need for detailed flight phase calculations. Launch the missile, allow possible opportunity fire...
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    God Save The King vs A Bridge Too Far

    I have an HOB module called God Save The King that I got in 1996 (approx.). Lately, I have also been looking at the MMP module A Bridge Too Far and trying to compare them. Which one has better game play / scenarios? If I have GSTK is it worth while to buy ABTF? Any info appreciated...
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    Which ASL modules do you own?

    I've got all the Core Modules and ASLRBv1 and 2. Picked up ASLRBv2 on a whim, glad about that now. I have picked up RB, OV, BRT, PB, KGP1, SASL, AP1, AP2 and SOF. I would have all but one of the ASL Journals except for a minor pet "accident" (so he claimed).:D As it is, I only have the last...
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    How did you aquire your ASL collection

    I too played SL - GI in the heady days of the 1980s. I bought the ASLRB and BV on the original release (almost DIED waiting for the UPS man to arrive!). I bought all the mods up to Hollow Legions when they were originally relelased. I loved the game and had a regular opponent (my old SL opp)...
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    ASL Literature: What areas remain?

    I completely agree with Paul. I am relearning the system right now and I love to pull out my old journals and General magazines to read through these. I just bought Jornals 4 & 5 and was disappointed that they didn't have any SR's. Are they out of fashion? Nothing helps a newbie or...
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    Anyone try this yet?

    Hi Jeremy! I agree with you on this one, it is filled with micromanagement and will take years to play the campaign. But, in a way I think it was a game that HAD to be done, and at least for me, I had to buy. It's detail and scope are amazing. But, as you say. it took me three nights just to...
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    Your Favourite TV series...

    I'll go with my favorite old show = Combat! Favorite 80's show = Magnum P.I. I went to Hawaii on vacation and it was great when I would find a plaque saying Magnum PI episode # was shot here. Favorite semi-recent shows = Millenium I just got the new Millenium and Magnum P.I. series on...
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    Anyone try this yet?

    I thought that I would update this in case anyone is interested in the game. I have finished a couple of smaller scenarios and have played it enough to form an opinion. It is superior to Uncommon Valor and quite a good game. The learning curve is steep, I have spent some time on Matrix's...
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    What new WWII venues for ASL?

    In my opinion you can't have enough on the Western Desert. Lots of early war tanks, wide open tactical possibilites, 'nuff said. The rest are niches that I think would make quality Historical Modules. #1 Western Desert 1940-2. Lots of possiblities here. Gazala. Compass. #2 Italy's...