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  1. wrongway149

    Missing Counter?

    Some nations have 'static' MG mounts (AA versions) as ordnance counters -- What would a water-cooled M2 .50 cal be? 10-16? The original photo claimed is was a USMC weapon on Guadalcanal.
  2. wrongway149

    OK, here's another SSR:

    Premise: minor objectives controlled can be used to gain DRMs to modify reinforcement roll. Rule as I am wording it now: : 4) For each of buildings 76H5 and 76M3 controlled by the partisan player at the end of each game turns 1-3, he receives one DRM point. Each DRM point is exchanged for...
  3. wrongway149

    US 2nd Infantry Division in Normandy

    I have recently read several sources claiming that the US 23rd (and possibly 38th) Infantry Regiments of 2 ID landed at D +1 equipped with Springfield 1903 bolt-action rifles rather than M1 Garands. Apparently the Col in command did not like the ammo usage on the M1. (a 6+1 for sure) The GIs...
  4. wrongway149

    Scenario Designer's bucket list

    Let's start with Beyond Valor and Yanks: Are there any vehicles/ gun counters which have yet to be included in a scenario? Official vs TPP? Any of you uber-geeks keeping track of this on a spreadsheet or some other method? I'll see if I can work them in to some of my current projects :)
  5. wrongway149

    How many 'encircled' counters in the game?

    Question for the armory geeks: How many 'encircled' markers came with Beyond Valor? Did any come with other core modules or official HASLs? Thanks
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    Got a sneak-preview of this one tonight. Verdict: If you like the 3-D technology, this one is worth a couple extra bucks. If you like strong plot and characters, see Star Wars again instead. (in fact, they borrowed so much, I thought I was watching Darth Vader and OBi-Wan Kenobi...
  7. wrongway149

    HBO's "The Pacfic"

    I can't bring myself to subscribe to HBO just for this. The DVD set will likely top my Christmas list, however. One old local jarhead doesn't want to wait:
  8. wrongway149

    J8 scenarios -most likely to succeed?

    Which of the scenarios from Journal number eight is most likely to become an all-time classic? Of course Elephants Unleashed has a lot of momentum going , but I think my Schloss can stay with it over the long haul.
  9. wrongway149

    Off topic: favor for aging WWII vet.

    A colleague from work knew I had some resources for this kind of thing. Anyone know anything more? .
  10. wrongway149

    sad day for jazz lovers and basketball fans Truly one of the 'good guys'. I am blessed to have seen him in concert . :cry:
  11. wrongway149

    Valkyrie trailer, and news.
  12. wrongway149

    Change the foxhole rule? (B27.4)

    Should rule B27.4 be changed to make foxhole movement consistent with routing from a foxhole? (extra MP to enter/exit foxhole is combined with COT to allow unit cover of the FH throughout the entire one-hex movement.) Should this be allowed for all movement, or just Assault-moving units?
  13. wrongway149

    Michael Moore at it again...

    Just in time for election season, with a new target: Sicko is Socko | TIME The only one of his movies I've actually seen is Bowling for Columbine. I found the assessment of American gun culture interesting, but he lost me when he went off that into more general criticisms. With that, the...
  14. wrongway149

    Cruise to play von Stauffenberg; family not thrilled.

    Some think there may be a link between the Church of Scientology and the financing of this film. Would you refrain from seeing it if so? United Press International - NewsTrack - Anti-Hitler hero's family anti-Cruise