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  1. Gordon

    Desert Victory Points

    Do the special DVP calculations apply to typically non-Desert equipment in a scenario using DVP? e.g., Landing craft (say a seaborne evacuation from the Sahara), aircraft, etc? Or do they only apply to ground vehicles and guns? I'm thinking the latter, but I'm not sure. TIA
  2. Gordon

    Rising Sun pre-order

    Only 65 more orders needed! Baby needs new Japanese and Gyrene counters!
  3. Gordon

    Wargaming during a war

    And fun for the whole family, too:
  4. Gordon

    Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #12 announced on MMP's FB page

    Title says it all, really.
  5. Gordon

    Nominees for unluckiest General of WWII

    My nominee is Lieutenant (posthumously full) General Lesley J. McNair. Wounded by German artillery in Tunisia and killed by the errant carpet bombing preceding Operation Cobra.
  6. Gordon

    HASL map storage solutions

    I'm reconsidering my method of storing my HASL map collection and wanted to see how the hive-mind handles things. I currently have a simple large box/tray that's big enough for most all my maps to lie flat and can also easily slide under the bed in our guest bedroom. However, I find that...
  7. Gordon

    Anon, Board 85 is available

    Thanks to Doug Rimmer for posting it. It will auto update inside VASL and is available at the usual (suspect) location. Let me know if you find any bugs with it.
  8. Gordon

    Why is a Sherman a +1 target but a Jagdpanther is not?

    According to my sources a Sherman was 9 feet tall (or 2.7432 meters) and a Jagdpanther was 2.72 meters. Was the cutoff 2.73 meters?
  9. Gordon

    They're here ...
  10. Gordon

    Do we need a green/conscript mistaken panzerfaust attack rule?

    Apparently Otto Carius wrote about having lost one of his Jagdtigers to a panzerfaust attack by Volkssturm militia troops who had never seen a Jagdtiger before. Personally I think the geek carrying the PF tripped and it went off. ?
  11. Gordon

    US 76mm vs 17pdr vs 7.5cm KwK42 L/70

    Does anyone know of good reference materials that discuss the above referenced guns and explains the performance differences between them? Was it simply the difference in calibers? Propellant weight/efficiency? Metallurgical differences? Other differences? TIA
  12. Gordon

    Ordnance QF 17-Pounder blueprints?

    Anyone have blueprints they can share for the 17 pounder? TIA
  13. Gordon

    Keeping track of MFs/MPs for later motion attempts

    Question for the hive mind. I'm re-reading Ole Boe's "Stop And Go Traffic" and was wondering what various mechanisms people use to keep track of previous motion attempt-eligible movement for motion attempts later in the phase? Cards? Number chits? Dice? Side notes? Or does it not come up...
  14. Gordon

    Armory pages?

    Do armory pages exist (in some form) for BFP products? I'm trying to organize my (previously) intermingled BFP product counters by module and I've got a number of counters (German for sure and I haven't gotten to all the Russian counters yet so there might be some apparent orphans in there as...
  15. Gordon

    One suggestion I'd like to see MMP implement ...

    Ditch the multi-page folded charts and tables. I'd rather have more chart pages that can be put in sleeve protectors. Just my 2 cents worth.
  16. Gordon

    Coin envelopes - Back to the future?

    I may be coming around to the idea of coin envelopes and trading card binder sheets as the way to store vehicles and ordnance.
  17. Gordon

    Why we need Submarines in ASL ...

    From the Wikipedia page of USS Barb: "Upon completion of her 11th patrol, Barb was sent to the U.S. for a yard overhaul and alterations, which included the installation of 5 in (130 mm) rocket launchers at the Captain's request. Returning to the Pacific, she commenced her 12th and final patrol...
  18. Gordon

    Deluxe board "a" defect?

    Has anyone else seen what appears to be a scuff through the printing of board a? In my case hex aJ1 looks like it got scuffed in production, shipping or handling. Just curious.
  19. Gordon

    US TD overhead armor protection?

    I know that HOB has their supplemental armor rules (sand bag, concrete and steel applique variants), but has anyone ever encountered rules or SSRs for the field expedient overhead armor modifications for US TD? According to New Vanguard's "M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers 1942 - 53": In both Italy...