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  1. wrongway149

    MMP Updates 2021

    Right now the 6-pack bottles are 4/$11
  2. wrongway149

    J188 Grab And Go - AAR

    So, design-wise it is similar to 'Late for Chow'. If both were are the same 'pick-list' for a tourney round--- which would you choose?
  3. wrongway149

    Attention Mapmakers: Soviet villages

    So would 'huts' be appropriate and in play via SSR?
  4. wrongway149

    "Arguably" Missing Counters

    M6 GMC ( First US TD) No scenario on El Guettar can be considered accurate without some. Also used for a minute by Marines on Bougainville and FFI in Southern France.
  5. wrongway149

    Electronic ASL Rulebook now available

    Does it include Chapter E revisions that were being worked on - or merely errata?
  6. wrongway149

    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    Use Carcassonne-sized 'tiles' for the 3/4th" counters
  7. wrongway149

    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    I am thinking of doing something like that for this battle: Battle of Ka-san - Wikipedia Notice the rich vegetation on one side and sparse on the other? (I tried to use board 9 for this scenario due to the hilltop building , but the attacker just gets slaughtered and defender rarely moves...
  8. wrongway149

    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    I am wondering if someone can do some larger counters for use with the deluxe boards. (Which would require more storage, so maybe a more 'targeted approach' -- only unit counters needed for a specific list of scenarios.)
  9. wrongway149

    MMP Updates 2021

    We don't drink Soda up here. We drink 'POP' 🥤
  10. wrongway149

    MMP Updates 2021

    Yep -cancelled the new deck when Decktrex tripled. Pespi was $1.89 for a two-liter before last fall-- now it is up to $2.49!!!!
  11. wrongway149

    Fringe Conflicts: The Chaco War
  12. wrongway149

    Missing Counter?

    Probably one reason it is still in service all over. Just don't lose your head space and timing gauge.
  13. wrongway149

    Missing Counter?

    Some nations have 'static' MG mounts (AA versions) as ordnance counters -- What would a water-cooled M2 .50 cal be? 10-16? The original photo claimed is was a USMC weapon on Guadalcanal.
  14. wrongway149

    ASL Bell Tolls

    "WELL' being a relative term.
  15. wrongway149

    J154 Cradle To Grave - AAR

    What would you suggest, for future reference? (I tend to like these more 'fluid' battles for scenario subjects).
  16. wrongway149

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Darrell was always willing to give me a playtest when schedules allowed. We did the first raw draft copy of "Red Horse Recon' together.
  17. wrongway149

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Sad. hadn't hear about that one. :(
  18. wrongway149

    AP143 Late For Chow - AAR

    Sorry we made is too confusing, with < vs >. I always prefer the "north of/south of", etc. but this one slipped past either me or the proofers.
  19. wrongway149

    2020 AAR

    My Goal for 2021 (Early part, 1Q)- Play a game of ASL on VASL. Been playing with the maps for design purposes, and actually used VASSAL for the War at Sea Ladder, so I think it's not my computer any more.
  20. wrongway149

    MMP Updates 2020

    Slaughter at Ponyri - always the bridesmaid.