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  1. shirlfactor

    board 6a los aa 18 to 6a t11 received an EEK! A BUG! Vassal internal error

    So I'm about to play j161 riding to the rescue ftf. SO I was playing around with los checks on vasl and when I was trying to check from aa18 to t 11 ( there is a bridge there in this scenario) it says the los is blocked which it shouldn't be since there is only brush. After I saw that I tried a...
  2. shirlfactor


    I'm going to be playing scenario j161 riding to the resuce amd I saw the british get an a9 cs. I'm trying to figure out what the smoke and symbol on the back of the counter, the double stars and the 50 in {} means. It's an odd afv that I've never used or had used against me. I can't find it in...
  3. shirlfactor

    Ap 62 Shouting into the storm

    clubby and I are half way playing this scenario. I'm the Russians and I'm trying to figure out what the point of the steeple is? All other buildings are ground level only. Russians can't deploy and I start with no half squads. The only thing we came up with was either it's there for historical...
  4. shirlfactor

    rof question in def fire phase

    I have a 467 mmg along with a concealed 9-1 leader 237 hs lmg. I shoot the mmg and 467 not leader directed into the adjacent target and break him and keep rof. Now there is another enemy squad 2 hexes away. Can I unconceal the rest of my units and add the mmg fire power to attack that hex?
  5. shirlfactor

    my opponent can't see the overlays

    I'm hoping somebody has the answer. I sent over my setup for my vasl league game and my opponent can't see the overlays. I had him join my game on vasl and he still couldn't see the overlays. I can see them perfectly. What could be the reason he can't? Thanks for the help,
  6. shirlfactor

    Flamethower firing into a hex with an afv and a mmc

    If the AFV is targeted does the mmc take any effect? What is the MMC is targeted does the afv take effect?
  7. shirlfactor


    If a scenario has the Russians starting with a commissar can he still exchange a leader for another commissar?
  8. shirlfactor

    6+1 leader article

    I remember reading an article somewhere on what to do with a 6+1 leader and I can't rememeber where I saw it. Does anyone remember the article?
  9. shirlfactor

    Choosing to shoot defensive fire during movement phase

    I always wondered what the rule is for defensive fire in the movement phase . So let's say I'm moving a mmc . I call out 1 , then ,2 and so on . When I get to his 4 mf my opponent says no shots. So I decide to not move him anymore. Then my opponent says ok I'll shoot at him now. Is that legal...
  10. shirlfactor

    aa and at guns setting up behind a wall or hedge

    If I put the aa gun in e3 does it see over the hedge to e1?
  11. shirlfactor

    Newer player looking for a Vasl game

    Good Evening, I'm just getting back into ASL after a layoff. Played my first scenario " under the Noel trees "in a few years earlier this week . I have another game coming up against the same opponent " rage against the machine" and I'm looking for more. I'm in the east coast and can play most...
  12. shirlfactor

    any one up for a game of asl on vasl?

    Anyone up for a game? I can usually play at night starting around 8-9pm eastern standard time. I'm getting back into asl after a layoff. I was supposed to have a game this evening but my opponent hadn't downloaded his boards or extensions, and my vasl league opponent is in Europe and hasn't got...
  13. shirlfactor

    vasl noob turn question

    Good evening, It's been a long time since I've played pbem vasl. This is my first turn as the defender. I finished my opponents log and ended the log file. That's where I'm stuck , where do I find that log file and how do I save it to email my turn? Thanks for the help.