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    Last CMSF patch?

    Did anyone see anything about this. I was wondering if I missed it. Is there going to be one to fix some of the issues that came up in NATO? They aren't earth shattering, should probably be fixed.
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    CMSF Ripped from the headlines

    I am looking at what is going in the mideast and North Africa and seeing a lot of very plausible scenarios: Libya intervention by Egypt is as plausible, or maybe more so, as US invading Syria. We have most of the parts, if you use older M1A1s for frontline Egyptian tanks and move the...
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    UI in wargame

    I saw this on another foruma and thought it was indirectly related to CM: I alwyas think about CMSF's interface released in 2007 and still not using almost any standard interface conventions. Its not even consistent. Enter...
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    For those of you still rockin' the Stryker...

    Found one of the better pages on the web about for an overview of the Stryker.
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    Will BFC ever properly document CMSF?

    This has been a big peeve of mine since CM1. This is just one post about getting information on how CMSF worls. There have been a bunch of new comments about the lack of documentation on how things work. I railed...
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    CMSF Russian armor model

    I have done quite a bit of research on the various models of the T-72, including the T-90. I used concord, jane's, osprey, hcof's excel spreadsheet on AFVs in CMSF, and Damien90's excellent posts on various armor packages. It makes me wonder what CMSF has going on under the hood. There...
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    Cmsf pbem

    I think Steve said NATO wouldn't be this week or next. Sorry to be a bubble burster.
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    What was this all about at BFC

    Did I miss something...I assume it is a reference to MD. Also note I see no official warning issued . I hope none of the beta testers ever come here and claim some kind of double standard...
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    Great grog thread at CMSF forum One of the better technical discussions on the CMSF I have seen. Harkens back to the early CM1 days. Unrelated but interesting: I also would like to know how many times someone on that forum has said something like "like it...
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    Will CMSF get finished

    I still play quite a bit and tonight I finally got fed up with a couple things. 1) The Syrians got these fancy new BMP3s and they don't use them. I have tried all ranges and experience level and the BMP3 refuses to fire its 30mm at armor of any kind. It keeps lobbing 100mm HE at LAVs. 2)...
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    Panzer Command may be at a deadend.

    Just saw on the Matrix forums that the developer for the Panzer Command series is kaput. This explains a lot about why the alledged update is taking so long. Looks like Matrix is trying to pick up the pieces, but this makes it kind of a long shot to go after the CM1 market. I know this is a...
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    Tactical wargame

    MD, since your box is full: I think the product looks good. A few comments: One thing I have never seens is a comparison of pros and cons of 3D WEGO, tuen-based PC game, and various boardgame mechanics. I would find that interesting. I have also seen very few in depth analysis of...
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    Syrians are artificially disadvantaged in CMSF

    While Syrians are at a disadvantage in real life, night fighting just twists the knife. One of the few counters to US superiority in night fighting technology would be flares and other forms of illumination. Instead, CMSF doesn't allow for artificial illumination. The Syrians now cannot only...
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    Normandy News

    Thread says it all: Nothing earth shattering. I think this was done mostly because news has been so scarce and some of the natives were getting restless.
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    Lets see what happens at BFC

    I stopped posting about CMSF at BFC and here because I felt that BFC was targeting specific people who were giving them a hard time about the state of CMSF on release. Take a look at some of the posts here and tell me that BFC shouldn't be handing out warnings, if only to be consistent...
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    CM:SF Tourney interest page

    I wouldn't say flawlessly. It works better to the point of being reliabley playable, but still has issues with getting out of synch and infantry skating around periodically.
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    You have to be freakin kiddin me! While having this back is overall a good thing, I sure hope Steve is embarrassed that several of his customers pointed out this exact same thing over six months ago and he and his buddies roundly...
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    I am confused by this CMSF review This is the same guy who gave CMSF 1.0 an 8/8 on release and then went on to defend the game for a while on BFC's boards. Now, with even BFC diehards admitting CMSF was pretty bad out of the box, he gives its...
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    Patriots' spying has teams wondering if New England cheated in 2005.

    I think this is a bit overblown. Most people (including coaches) that are retired say this stuff goes on all the time. It was claimed that the Jets were doing in the same game from the coaches booth. I think what has the Pats in trouble is Belichick's arrogance in continuing to do it even...
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    "Seeing the Elephant" Tourney

    I am willing to play. I have played two games in a tournament, but never in a ladder. I have played less than 10 against a real person.