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    New gamer from Canada

    I guess I really should "re-introduce" myself. :) I'm an old hand at TOAW-COW (some of you may even remember me lol)but just recently took the plunge and bought TOAW III so I'm up for more fighting now after a long hiatus.
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    Belgian/French volunteers

    In my game as the Allies against Raver, I recently noticed a Corps of Belgian/French volunteers sitting happily in Brussels. This corps, IIRC, was activated by Raver during his invasion of France. As the Axis, Raver has occupied all of Europe EXCEPT Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland...
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    Gotterdammerung im Osten AAR

    My current game of GiO against Fishkoff is currently at turn 20; so it's time for me to post an AAR of the fighting up to this point. Initial Thoughts: The scale of this scenario is huge, almost as big as DNO, with a great number of units to contend with. Finnish Front: Sooner or...
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    Murmansk convoys gone

    Playing a game of EA in which the Soviet Union has been defeated and occupied by the Axis. News item said the Murmansk convoys have been suspended. The US has entered the war. Does this get US units into action quicker or does it just increase the supply rate of the units as they enter the...
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    DNO RR Repair units

    I'm in the proces of playing a game of DNO as the Germans. When Army or Corps RR repair units are deployed, the option "repair railroad" does not appear. This option only occurs for the OKH Eisenbahn reserve units. Do the Army and Corps level RR repair units not repair railroads ?
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    Hermann Goering Panzer Division

    I've been looking for detailed info on the Hermann Goering Panzer Division and can't seem to find much about it on the 'net. I've even searched through the Scenario Workshop page links and come up more or less empty handed. I have some material on the unit from my own sources but require...
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    Unit movement in sitz.

    Playing EA as the Allies and we're in a sitzkreig right now. The problem I'm having is that I'm trying to transfer some fighter Groups from England to France, but the game won't let me do it. One of the fighter groups I tried to send even got stuck in mid-channel. I had to send it back to...
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    Need an opponent

    I've got one game of EA going with Raver but he's offline for a couple of weeks. I just can't wait that long to play this monster. Anybody willing to take me on or...:p
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    Ready for a game

    Well, I think I may be ready to take this beast on. Anybody need an opponent? You can contact me at:
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    Gotterdammerung im Osten Notes

    Can't access the notes. Tells me it's unable to load graphics conversion filter. Really want to try this scenario, but reading through the notes really helps in understanding the gameplay.