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    Residual FP, Mortars, and Walls (Newbie)

    Ole Boe, Thanks for the reponse. Please see the "newbie" tag on thread title. I am still trying to figure out the IFT all the way and why my opponent always seems to get better results on that table than I do. :-( After posting and thinking about it some more - I realized that the -1...
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    Residual FP, Mortars, and Walls (Newbie)

    This question refers to A8.2, A8.23, A8.26, B9.34, and C3.33 / C9.2 A Russian 447 is non-assault moving behind a wall and is first fired on by a German 50mm mortar. The wall forms part of the target hex (containing the 447) and LOS crosses the wall. The mortar scores a hit and keeps rate...
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    Just a bit disappointed in the ASL Starter Kit

    Starter Kit was a motivator for me Years ago, I bought a bunch of ASL stuff. Read the rules a couple of times. Decided it was to complex for me given my time constants. Mentally decided I like old SL better. This year, I bought the Starter Kit, read the rules, joined a local club, played one...
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    Concealment and Open Ground (Newbie)

    This question refers to A12 (Concealment), A10.531, and B10.31 It is the German APh, I advance a concealed 467 into an open ground hill hex. All enemy Good Order units with an LOS would have to apply a +1 TEM to their hypothetical Fire Fire attack for height advantage. (ie... their LOS...
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    PBF (Newbie)

    Thanks for the answers everyone, I got confused on adjacent and ADJACENT. Clear now. Also missed the "within one level OR HIGHER"..... Alan
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    Critical Hit's Hell Bridgehead

    Does any know for sure if this is an ASL compatible historical module? The little bit of information they have on the website makes it look like an Advance Tobruk System game; but it is listed under ASL modules. Anyone own it? If so, what do you think? Thanks Alan
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    PBF (Newbie)

    The question refers to A.8 and A7.21 I move a 4-6-7 into a wooden building using Assualt Move. In the "adjacent" hex is a 4-4-7 on the 2nd level. An LOS exists between the two hexes. ?? Is this correct: The 4-4-7 conducts Fire Fire with 4 FP and a +2 DRM?? SFF (cause 2 MF were expended...
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    C13.3 Panzer Faust and C13.4 Bazooka

    Once a hit is secured, if the target hex contains a KEU manning a Gun or SW, then you do not have to use random select if you do not want to. You may specifically target the KEU manning the Gun/SW. Alan
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    A4.63 Fire Lanes and Dash

    Relative newbie question using 2nd ed RB. This question refers to A4.63 and A9.22 / A9.222 / A9.223. I did not find any reference to dash in the A9.22 and A9.222 sections which I thought was odd. It is the German MPh. A 4-6-7 in a building wants to dash across the road to another building...
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    VASL PBEM newbie looking for a game

    Okay - good luck finding someone. Cheers Alan
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    VASL PBEM newbie looking for a game

    Are you just looking for a PBEM game or are you willing to play VASL online Head to Head? Alan
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    boobytrap question

    Hubbs5, You are correct - thanks ATS
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    Thanks ya'll... I hadn't even noticed that some of the SW counters do have depletion numbers :shock: Learn something new everyday! ATS
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    Newbie ASL player question... What are SW depletion numbers?? Are these different than Special Ammo depletion numbers for Ordnance?? ATS
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    boobytrap question

    NRBH, but isn't Booby trap level A effect just on a 12? A = 12 B = 11 C= 11 and 12 ATS
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    ASLSK- Good Order Unit ?

    ZGrose has it right. Also look in the definition section (2.0) of the SK rules book. There is a definition for Good Order there as well. ATS
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    Sniper Checks

    Is a Sniper check considered a Task Check? I am playing a scenario with Booby Traps. Thanks ATS
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    Spraying Fire Questions

    Thanks everyone! ATS
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    Spraying Fire Questions

    Can Spraying Fire (Squad or MG) be used to place residual FP in both hexes even if only one of these hexes is occupied by enemy units? If yes, can this done at a range other than vs adjacent targets? A9.52 leads me to believe it can only be done vs adjacent targets. "Spraying Fire can be...