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  1. Varn

    Croix de Guerre Reprint Contents?

    National Advanced Squad Leader Enquirer.
  2. Varn

    Where would I be able to find...

    The researchers at CARL are very responsive, if you look through the library and let them know what you want. I've gotten full documents from them in the past. If you want anything regarding Operation DRAGOON let me know. I have a moderate collection of US reports still floating around somewhere...
  3. Varn

    Croix de Guerre Reprint Contents?

    I heard from reliable sources that this reprint transitions ASL into the Collectable Card Game it was supposed to be all along. Finally making that leap forward to bring in the next generation of gamers.
  4. Varn

    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    New ASL Player. I arrived here because I don't normally like tactical games but MMP publishes OCS. I got the itch to explore something aside from my usual and bought the SK because I knew ASL was the "only choice" for tactical level combat. I've seen it for years, ignored it the entire time...
  5. Varn

    About that ASL Supplemental Map Bundle ...

    As a rank new player who is patiently accumulating the core modules, map packs aren't as useful to me since I know I'm still incapable of playing a lot of scenarios due to lack of counters. In lieu of a bundle, it would be interesting to see MMP develop a single buy option for maps with a pay to...
  6. Varn

    Hello from South Korea

    Howdy, new here. Awaiting arrival of Beyond Valor and the rules. Normally, I like to hang out at the operational level but after spending years reading about how much fun ASL is, I finally decided to pull the trigger and jump in. I'm also slowly tiring of pushing divisions and BDEs around and...