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    New Musket and Pike Game: The Seven Years War

    In case you missed it, M&P #2 was released yesterday, on the Seven Years War
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    What live sporting events have you been to?

    Think about two of the more important types of international competition out there for team sports. Use the analogy from Football (soccer for us US types) of the UEFA Champions League, and the World Cup. Now, consider the big 3 team sports in the US (Football, Basketball, Baseball) What...
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    What live sporting events have you been to?

    Well, sports culture here in the US is far more oriented to US leagues. Yes, there's the Olympics, and a few international sports (golf, tennis), but the core of sports fandom in the US truly does focus on US Football, Baseball and Basketball, and in none of them is international competition...
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    What live sporting events have you been to?

    Lets see. I was at the 1982 Nebraska-Oklahoma Game (in Lincoln). Which was most notable for this play: Otherwise, I was to a game between the Senators and A's at RFK just before the Senators left DC (so, early 70s), various Royals games over the years...
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    Why I prefer Pro Sports these days.

    Also grew up in Lincoln (Go Spartans!) ETA: As to the "only a few bad apples"... I dunno at this point. Look at the last decade or so in the Big 12 OU: Rampant Booster abuse, see Rhett Bomar OSU: Program bought and paid for by T. Boone Pickens (not a scandal per se, but still). Alcohol...
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    World Series 2011

    Well, in the end, pitching rules all. That tells me, that surprising as it may be, the winner is going to come out of the National League. The Phillies are the easy pick. Fantastic rotation, and a good enough pen (especially with that rotation). On the other hand, their lineup can be anemic...
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    Why I prefer Pro Sports these days.

    Ah, the old debate. College sports vs Pro? There are lots of reasons that people take to prefer one over the other, but watching the continuing implosion of the Big 12, and the lawsuits, threats, verbiage and the like, I've come to a conclusion. I prefer Pro because they are at least honest...
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    Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns, says Ridley Scott

    heh, I'd disagree with your characterizing the LoTR movies as great, I'm too much of a source purist (especially on Two Towers), and CTHD isn't from Hollywood, so that narrows "my" list at least a hair. That said, one has to admit that not everyone sees eye to eye on what makes a "great" movie...
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    Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns, says Ridley Scott

    Well, are we asking the right questions? Even if you grant that there are few (if any) really good sci-fi movies out there right now, you can take a step further. What's the last truly "great" movie to be made in your eyes? Any genre. Is the problem that Sci-Fi movies are in a creative...
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    Napoleonic Wargame Analysis #1 (Part 2)

    4 - REACTIVE BATTLE TEMPLATES Once having engaged the units nearest to the enemy, you have to let them go without worrying too much about their good or bad fortune. Only you must be careful not to yield too easily to requests for help. -- Napoleon [WIL39:112] The battle...
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    Napoleonic Wargame Analysis #1 (Part I)

    Gents, here is an analysis sent in by Gerald Nivison NAPOLEONIC WARGAME ANALYSIS #1 Battle Templates Gerald J. Nivison, PhD + (c)2007 Contact the author to write articles (without fee) for magazines or on-line publications. 26 January 2007...
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    Error Reading File

    Arimus, Rich Hamilton is a scenario designer for HPS, so if there were such a beast, he'd know about it. Maybe there should be, but unless the PzC engine is different than the ones I work in, there is none.
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    Error Reading File

    Nope... the only way to track it down is good old brute force elbow grease. One little trick I've seen in other games (never edited in the PzC games, but it works in the others), is open the scenario in the scenario editor. Look very closely at the Units dialogue. If it cuts off in a wierd...
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    Error Reading File

    I'm not sure what you did to the oob file, but one thing you can do is pull the .oob file off of the cd and replace the one you think is broken.
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    Pea Ridge Campaign?

    I'm leaving for the week, but if you don't have anyone before I get back, I'm always game for Pea Ridge.
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    Ozark OK?

    Ozark is still my favorite game, and you're right, counter density is much smaller. I'm game for a slower game :)
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    Campaign Peninsula

    Sure, I'm in. :) Let me know when you have the game.
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    Corinth isn't Battleground but an updated version of the system. You can get them from (though you can get them cheaper from NWS, but I don't have their url) For the old Battleground games, eBay may be your best bet. Be aware though, that Matrix will be putting out...
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    Dealing with Auto-Defense Fire

    Hey, you still insist we can't put a bundle of cash in Free Parking :mad:
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    Dealing with Auto-Defense Fire

    Note: My comments here really apply across the EAW/Nap/ACW games, though for reasons I'll discuss, the issues are more pertinent in the EAW games than the others. Especially if you learned the basic system back in the days of the old Battleground games, one of the most shocking things that...