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  1. Siberian HEAT

    AAR: As Action Report

    Turns 6 - 10. As is often the case on defense, there is really not much for me to do but hope he stumbles into my fields of fire and hope my men can shoot more of his than they do of mine. My AT guns expended considerable amounts of ammo, and I had to pull several of them offline to conserve...
  2. Siberian HEAT

    AAR: As Action Report

    My Plan: I knew I was in for trouble when we used random forces, and I drew Italian airborne. Because I was defending on an unknown map, I figured I wouldn't waste my cash on the few Italian tanks I had access to. Instead, I focused on a few cheap 47mm AT guns placed in trenches to help their...
  3. Siberian HEAT

    Anyone Free for a Game?

    I've been playing a lot of CM lately and just can't seem to get enough. Anyone care to play a game or two? I don't really care where or what, but prefer CMAK or BB. Just PM me, or better just send a file to siberianheat -at- gmail . com. I've only started playing QBs (mostly done...
  4. Siberian HEAT

    Call of Duty 2

  5. Siberian HEAT

    Call of Duty 2

    I've been playing COD2 for a few hours now. I already enjoy the single player MUCH more than I did for Quake 4. While I cringe at the thought of anything being lifted from Halo, I think the health regeneration "effect" actually helps keep the gaming moving along at a good clip. The days of...
  6. Siberian HEAT

    Proposals for 3.4(b)

    I've often thought that at 25km scale EVERY hex probably has at least one airstrip capable of landing WW2-era craft. At the very least, every city/town should also come with an airfield, just as a rule. OK, some hexes in Norway might be exempt from the above statement. :halo:
  7. Siberian HEAT

    Ignore losses

    My "simplified" game style these days is to try to get one or two minimize loss attacks to start off the turn, then follow up with my all-or-nothing ignore losses attacks. This pretty much assures me a solid 2-3 rounds per turn, which is as much as this time-strapped gamer can handle anymore. :)
  8. Siberian HEAT

    Remove Swiss Exclusion Zone?

    I've also had a game where a Swiss unit (set to "L") was pulled out of the exclusion zone and became active. I simply moved it into the NA desert to keep it out of the way, but might want to take those Swiss Cav brigades off of L and just set them to mobile. I would suggest putting 2 tiny...
  9. Siberian HEAT

    Italian surrender

    If nothing else, an Allied player who goes all out for Tripoli without clearing all of Africa will tip off his Axis opponent that Messina is next.
  10. Siberian HEAT

    Strategy on EA

    Every unit of every game I play is ALWAYS set to ignore losses. Of course, there are SOME instances where I change this to minimize losses when I want my enemy to fall into certain traps. :D
  11. Siberian HEAT

    France, winter?

    It really depends on if Beligium has gone Allied or not. If she is neutral I am usually content to just sit and bide my time until Spring. The reason being that there is usually no reason to expend units dismantling the Maginot Line...since you will have a clear shot through the Low Countries...
  12. Siberian HEAT

    Partisans - particularly Yugo

    Some players (such as myself) work out agreements with their opponents to put all of their partisans into a "holding area" and then surround that area with a comparable force of Axis units to hold them in. This has the dual advantage of helping the Allied player from losing 1000's of rifle...
  13. Siberian HEAT

    A couple of thoughts on France

    Thats your ticket. That news string is giving you the green light you need to attack at that turn. Give 'er hell!
  14. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    I'm not really qualified to answer on the Sevastopol question other than to state what we already know - which is that they held out into 1942 and forced a fairly sizable response by the Germans to take the city. As it stands it is a matter of course to simply starve the defenders out if they...
  15. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    Well, if we have the supply dumps to just throw away on a 50-50 shot of the Japs ever showing up then I'm all for it. I was looking for a solution that is more tied to the situation in Africa than on the Indian Ocean. Surely the Japanese would be smarter than to stick around if all they saw...
  16. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    Sevastapol needs a supply point. :hurray: Also, to solve the Japanese supply problem in Madagascar, the temptation is to just put a point on the island itself. However, a more elegant solution would be to run a corridor from Tunis straight down to the coast (currently in unplayable hexes)...
  17. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    Thats funny! I was actually thinking about this last night while trying to get to sleep. I considered the static stack of 9 fix...but also there is another solution that is perhaps equally dubious, but perhaps slightly more realistic. For the sea roads that lead to invasion points you could...
  18. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    I've only played one game that went that far as the Allies. I went ashore in Portugal...because it was really the only place where there was a decent supply point that wasn't totally covered by the Axis. I've never seen a "proper" invasion of Normandy from either side.
  19. Siberian HEAT

    Supply Points

    The "supply road" to Addis Abbaba is just that, a road for supply...not for troops. Of course you are right in that SOME unscrupulous players would probably send Rommel to East Africa to help shore them up. However, in reality, the theatre is usually in action for about 10 minutes of game time...
  20. Siberian HEAT

    3.4 bug -- Belgians join axis after axis invade!!! (+ other bugs)

    Some other thoughts. See my other thread on supply point considerations. Also, it might be worth running sea supply roads all along the coast of France and Spain, so the Allies have considerable latitude in where they invade France when the time comes. As it stands, they have little...