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    Sewer Questions

    Thanks, Ron, for the full quote; the last sentence is new--I was wondering about the '?'-aspect of both stacks in CC. The rule states you may advance to ML(if emergence dr allows) or Adjacent sewer unit. Doesn't mention the need of a dr to Advance, so no dr is needed to Advance. Alan
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    Sewer Questions

    Did B8.44 change with the ASLRBv2? There are a few Adjacent manhole locations--remember >2 road hex-sides=manhole--and 1st. ed. B8.44 explains APh sewer possibilities. If you Advance into sewer CC, it's regular CC/Melee from that point. Alan
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    Advance out of foxholes

    Based on the v.1 concealment loss/gain table, line B says "moves/advances into an Open Ground hex(A10.531). . ." if the rules mean "moves in/moves or advances into an OG hex. . ." has this been changed in v.2? I've always read this as "moves into/advances into". Are there other rules to...
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    ATT vs AFV

    In general [NRBH, either] ATT TH# may be higher than VTT, esp. at longer ranges; so a hit is easier. AP TK# may be low compared to af of AFV resulting in '0' or negative FTK#. HE may shock the crew which can end up being as good as AP elimination. I'm in the middle of a game in which my CE...
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    Some very basic questions

    Two things: First, welcome; you've picked a GREAT game to learn. Secondly, we don't call the Advance Phase rule 'funny', we call it 'handy'! Alan
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    Offboard Actions

    Yarlis, no smoke grenade placement; see A2.52.