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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    Actually, you can not have less than 500 meters I think, regardless of what the LOS was in real life. The reason is that a stationary tank is visible at 400 meters. Just think about the effects of the moving tanks (with night vision equipment) being visible at less than that. It would be...
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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    Yes please, except for the aforementioned sources. Do you also have ideas for a scenario and a map?
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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    I found quite a lot of information in Rabonovich' book. There is a small book by Simon Dunstan which has good maps and some more hard facts on OOBs. Regarding artillery, I think you should not give the Syrians too much. Their artillery was quite ineffective during the battle, and I don't...
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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    It is map307c in the map room at I am actually in the process of redesigning the map and the scenario, but the terrain would look the same. Did you have any ideas for your own VoT scenario? It seems ineffective if we should be working on separate scenarios.
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    Battle of the Garagiola River

    Good stuff in here. Did you ever publish it in some form for the rest of us?
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    What historical battle would you like to see?

    I am exploring the 1973 arab/israeli war, but so far it has generated zero interest among players. I have made a Valley of Tears scenario, great action with obstacles and stuff. I think that particular war could be used to generate many historical scenarios. Btw, if anybody is interested...
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    Vortex CPX after action reviews

    Vortex CPX AAR Blue Now when I finished writing this AAR I realize it is too long for anyone to read, so I will say the important stuff first: JEFF: Fantastic CPX!!! Apart from making a very good scenario that was balanced and had lots of flavor, you handled OPORDs, OOBs and communication...
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    My first TacOps AAR - Team McMains

    Great AAR! You accomplished mission fairly well. The AI is not easy to beat.
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    Battle group Pipes

    Of course, if every vehicle pops smoke, you will consume smoke for each of them. But if less than all vehicles fire, then the ones not firing will not pop smoke if they are split into individual markers. And smoke blocks sight along the graphics outline, so all vehicles in the same location...
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    Battle group Pipes

    Yes it will. If one out of four vehicles fires, you will consume a total of 4 smoke rounds if they are joined together, but only 1 smoke round if you split them beforehand. Just tested it.
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    Battle group Pipes

    If you wait until you are fired upon there is a good chance it will be too late to pop smoke:) Also, familiarize yourself with the Supply option if you didn´t already, as you only have 3 salvoes of smoke grenades on each vehicle, and they may run out. It also helps to split vehicle markers...
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    Battle group Pipes

    You have to realize how powerful your thermal sights are when the enemy is not so equipped. Your well-written and exciting AAR got me interested in this scenario, so I played it yesterday, and I won with 4% casualties while OPFOR had 100%, and I did not lose a single tank or ATGM vehicle. I also...
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    New Scenario Idea

    I think that there is a shameful lack of this kind of scenarios for TacOps. Considering the ease with which historical OOBs and maps can be created we should have many more such scenarios. So I for one would be happy if you went along and finished it, and also if you made a PBEM version. Fredrik
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    Germany 1985: An MBX failure

    As I have recently made an attempt to run a Tacops MBX I might as well share my experiences from it. THE CONCEPT: This was a multiplayer MBX with a total of fourteen players participating. The idea was that the game was running as a standard two-player game on the umpire’s (my) computer...
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    Fulda Gap

    Fulda Gap PBM AAR, Red Side The Fulda Gap scenario and map301c can be downloaded at I have posted the replay files at warfarehq’s download section, and they can be found at Red: Fredrik Scheuer Blue: Hakan...