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  1. soggycrow

    Greatest World Series Game in History

    October 10, 1920 It's not just the first grand slam home run in series history. It's not just the first home run by a pitcher in series history. Those things have been done since. No, it's the only unassisted triple play in series history. Bill Wambsganss, Cleveland 2B. Game 5. Over...
  2. soggycrow

    Lewandowski 5-Pack Wows World

    Robert Lewandowski, striker for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, scores 5 goals in 8:59. There is a one-man highlight reel on youtube. Goal number 5 is absolutely impossible...
  3. soggycrow

    Serena Williams Out at U.S. Open

    She lost in three sets at the semis. Shock. The winner was a relatively unknown Italian. Another Italian beats the #2 seed to get into the other finals slot. Ticket holders are in a panic since the only thing they can do with their finals tickets is go to the match. :)
  4. soggycrow

    British Open

    Apparently we're not allowed to call it the British Open anymore. They've decided that it has to be "The Open," as if there were no other open championships. Now, everybody knows that the British Open is the oldest of them all. That's fine. But appropriating the name itself as if it were the...
  5. soggycrow

    NBA Finals

    I don't watch much basketball, as I've always thought of it as pretty pointless. But since I'm from Cleveland I was hoping the Cavs would win this thing. The first time I ever saw the "Dubs" play was in the finals. My reaction was, if Curry has his usual good night, the Warriors are going to...