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  1. Houlie

    J114 Marketplace at Wormhoudt SSR OBA question

    An SSR-specific clarification is needed before we start this game tomorrow. Re OBA SSR3 states " an SR (battery access is automatic), roll for accuracy (treat the observer as an observation plane: E7.6); Accuracy occurs on a dr of 1, and extent of error is halved (FRU); this...
  2. Houlie

    What's Next?

    I noticed looking at my recent playing and a majority have been the fine scenarios from the LFT crew. I have always appreciated the quality and variety of their products. It has led me to wonder: what new products are in the pipeline and potentially when we might see them?
  3. Houlie

    PDFs for OOP LFT magazines?

    I thought MMPs decision to make OOP Journals and Annuals via PDF was a great way to make the valuable resources available for those that missed out or are now entering the hobby. It leads me to wonder if LFT with its excellent magazine has thought of doing the same? If yes, are there any...
  4. Houlie

    Leaders combine to form a half squad?

    I swore I read this somewhere that three SMC could create a HS, but forfiet their "leaderness", A scan of the RB was fruitless as was the Q&A. Didn't see anything when I searched GS either. Was I dreaming?
  5. Houlie

    FRF77 Ghostbusters VC Question/Clarification

    Cross-posting from Perry Sez thread (I see I accidentally placed it there) VCs state: "Germans win at game end by having >=18 VP worth of armed Good Order non-crew Personnel/stopped Mobile AFV on between, hexrows V and Z." So, does the crew within one of the "stopped Mobile AFV" count toward...
  6. Houlie

    FrF77 Ghostbusters VC question/clarification

    VCs state: "Germans win at game end by having >=18 VP worth of armed Good Order non-crew Personnel/stopped Mobile AFV on between, hexrows V and Z." So, does the crew within one of the "stopped Mobile AFV" count toward the AFV VP? In other words, do the AFV in the VC area count as 3VP each...
  7. Houlie

    FT266 A Fine Mess... VC Clarification

    I am getting ready to play this as the defending German. Among other things, VPs are awarded for squads (2 VP each) and HS/Crew/SMC (1 VP each) "held as a prisoner at game end". My question is this: Considering the way the VC is specifically stated, if a prisoner is killed by its own side, do...
  8. Houlie

    Boardgame Geek (BGG) for selling ASL stuff

    Boardgame Geek (BGG) BGG site is a boardgaming site and is a fabulous resource. It has a pretty robust search function and you can find just about any game. They also have a marketplace to buy and sell games. I have sold about a dozen games on Boardgame Geek (BGG) over the past year and...
  9. Houlie

    Can a HT AA MG make a TH DR on an AFV?

    Question came up yesterday and it made me pause. It was a standard SPW250/1 with the lone AA MG trying to whack a T26. So, the AA MG is the MA of the HT, but is it eligible to make a TH/TK attempt on an AFV since it is an AA MG? Perhaps I am not remembering that an AA MG can attack an AFV for...
  10. Houlie

    ASL Open Updates?

    The weekend is almost over and folks are wondering...
  11. Houlie

    Death to Fascism pack availability?

    Have been looking for this in the US and not seeing it. I am regretting not moving on this sooner. I know gamer's armory had it, but it appears to be sold out now. Am hopeful they get it back in stock. Any suggestions?
  12. Houlie

    Bypassing AFV AAMG w/ fixed VCA in CC

    Sitrep: Immobile StuG in bypass of a building with an AAMG w/ VCA-only fire. A11.62 states a CMG w/ VCA-only fire is not eligible to attack. Would this also be true for an AAMG? Unless I am missing some immutable law of physics, is the AAMG not also restricted? We looked, but didn't find...
  13. Houlie

    Not using an MA in an overrun

    Can a player elect to NOT use an AFV's functioning MA in an overrun by using the lower overrun "base" FP strength of 2 instead of 4 to avoid potentially breaking an MA? I think I know the answer, but am curious to get other thoughts, or if this has come up before.
  14. Houlie

    A single dr please...

    To choose up sides on an upcoming scenario. Many thanks.
  15. Houlie

    HtH CC in DASL

    Question: why is there HtH CC allowed in all Deluxe ASL scenarios? HtH in the Streets of Fire scenarios makes perfect sense in most cases, but in a number of DASL scenarios, not necessarily. So what was the rationale for this system change? Wouldn't an HtH SSR done just as well where...