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    Red October VASL map?

    I didnt see this on the VASL website so I'll ask here. Is it in the pipeline?
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    RB Immob/Abandoned tank

    Situation: A Immob/Abandoned tank sits in a AP and AT minefield. During RB refit phase 11.6042 "An AFV in any type of minefield undergoes the appropriate type(s) of attacks as if attempting to exit the minefield Location" Does this apply to Immob/Abandoned vehicles since they obviously cant...
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    E7.3 Sighting TC

    What exactly are the parameters for being "not entirely concealed/HIP" in the Sighting TC modifier section. The STC taken against a hex with a concealed unit and a non concealed unit will get the -2 mod for not being concealed based on E7.3 ( the "easiest target to spot in the initial hex")...