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    MMP Updates 2020

    Mucho respect for one who has completed this project, it is just not a scan and link effort, much more goes into it. The cross referencing links are mind boggling once you begin! I started mine years ago and its nowhere near finished. In fact, I cannot devote time to playing AND doing the ebook...
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    So Many Rooms on VASL!!! - server struggling

    I was playing last night and there were over 30 rooms open, no issues whatsoever.
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    TOAW1 Q's.....and perhaps the OPART300 file???

    8 years later.....I still have the same question.....well? anyone?
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    Blood Reef Tarawa

    Im curious, how much was the copy going for?
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    So what is the next HASL from MMP going to be?

    For those complaining about price.....RF was well over $200 Can..... The shipping represented about $60 of that.......and they *&%#@$ up labeling the Chemist Shop! :mad: I'd really like to see Ortona in the pipeline....seems to have dropped off the radar. Ole J. M. wouldn't be too happy about...
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    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Ouch, thought you worked off a scan. RB and RO do not line up, off by half a hex V0 (RO) V45 (RB) different terrain JJO (RO) JJ45 (RB) dif terrain. Although it would be pretty rare that this hex would ever be involved in fighting.
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    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Since I need VASL to play, Im in for the proofing help. Ive found one discrepancy, easily visible in O48 and W47, the hex center dot is off ever so slightly. I guess that means its off in every hex, but its not easy to spot....its not off by much...... BUT IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thank you...
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    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Thanks for the heads up, and a big THANK YOU for all you and the other VASLers do for the hobby!
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    The Chemist's Shop on the new RB map.

    Its a translation issue. Apothecary....Pharmacy....Chemists Shop, all have a similar meaning. An apothecary is a place where medicine is made and sold, a pharmacy is where medicine is sold and a chemist shop is where medicine is made. Thus An Apothecary is both a Pharmacy and a Chemists shop...
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    Red October VASL map?

    I guess I was hopeful that a VASL map was already completed to facilitate playtesting of the CGs. I've waited 10+ years for this, I suppose another month or two wont put me in a straightjacket.
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    Red October VASL map?

    I didnt see this on the VASL website so I'll ask here. Is it in the pipeline?
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    T-34 the best tank of the war?

    Im merely going on time of unit production. Perhaps production facilities assigned to Tiger production were fewer than that assigned to the Panther. Weight of material/resources consumed would suggest an even less favourable replacement ratio for the Panther. Was production 'cost' even an issue...
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    T-34 the best tank of the war?

    Too many technical, logistic and manufacturing factors to come up with a 'best' tank answer. I like to dumb it right down to something simple.....Which tank would I rather be in and which tank would I hate to face. The answer to that is simple, a Panther. Panther production in 44 was decent...
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    A few Red Barricades musings.

    An ELR war is risky for the Germans as a couple of botched CPP rolls will ruin the long term plan, but IMO is the most likely path to victory. My Russian purchases usually focus on max Inf allowed, then max CPP (AP mines being priority), Guns, HW platoons and elite Inf coy's are an excessive...
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    Your ASL Moment of the Year

    Red Factories up for pre order!
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    Tips & tricks for Red Barricades

    Why the German often fails is due to not recognizing the fact that RB CG's come down to accounting. German CPP's must kill off an equivalent # of Russian CPP's. Take that to the extreme of saying 14cpp worth of Pioneers have to kill off 3 coy's of conscripts or 2+ coys of 447's to be worth the...
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    Rogue One

    Well, Im going to see it in a couple of days and in all honesty I expected most of them to die.."many Bothans died for this information" or something to that effect shoulda been your first clue :)
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    What's your favorite Attack or Defensive strategy in Red Barricades?

    Half squads and tanks. I would rather loose 3 tanks than half a coy of 467's. I also believe the ELR run is the way to win for the Germans, once ELR's hit 0 its time to bring on the 838's. The only date suitable for a pass is the day prior to or the day of the entire board edge being available...
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    How exited are you about the Korean War module?

    I went with a 2, nothing more than curiosity really. I dont plan on purchasing it or playing it, just doesnt interest me. All the power to those of whom it does interest tho, that is the best thing about ASL, its got something for everyone.
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    The VASL Map Bazaar is open!

    Hi, Im about to try my hand at Gimp and doing up a small map. Ive got Gimp and the manual, where do I find the terrain libraries? The links for those are dead ends as is most of the book of mapmaking lol. The hexgrids and colour palette look to be the more critical needs.