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    Vasl pbem wanted

    Hi all, Looking for 1 or 2 pbem games. Can send a log every day or other day. Will play mostly anything except DTO and anything with too many vehicles. PM me if interested.
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    A8.4 (Squad and SW def fire possibilities)

    Yes. No. ....Perry MMP
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    13.31 A moving unit in a combination woods-road hex is not eligible for the +1 woods TEM during Defensive First Fire (and is subject to FFMO/Interdiction) if the LOS does not cross a green woods symbol and the moving unit entered the hex at the road movement rate regardless of the relative...
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    Grant Gun TK#

    In the TK table one of the 75 caliber values is coloured green and is supposed to be used for the Grant gun. What is this grant gun? I quickly browsed the chapter H notes for Americans and British but i cant find a reference to it. I feel like its probably in there but i just cant find it.
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    Rout questions

    A squad and a broken leader are in the same location.The leader is eliminated for failure to rout. A) Does squad have to take a LLMC after leader elimination? B) If squad fails LLMC, is he eliminated for failure to rout as well? Thanks
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    Leader, FT and leader direction

    Can a leader both use a FT and direct fire in the same fire phase? My opinion is no. As soon as he does one or the other he is marked with the appropriate fire counter and then cannot accomplish the other. Any different opinions?
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Imagine outcomes of an event being located on a scale of 0 to 10 0 is totally predicatable, 10 is totally unpredictable Playing chess would be a 0 on this scale, every move a player wants to make is exactly what happens, rolling two dice would be a 10 on this scale, the outcome is totally...
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    Fire mission cancellation

    An observer is killed while he has a FFE:2 counter on the board. Will the fire mission be cancelled in his next PFPh/DFPh or resolved normally? C1.22 is not clear enough in my opinion. Is this a “Voluntary loss of contact”? Answer would seem to be no, on other hand, it is clearly a failure to...
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    Berserker returns to normal during MPh ...

    After killing SMC as part of overrun. Can it continue moving if MF remaining?
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    Bypass side TCA penalty

    Does the D2.321 bypass TCA penalty to fire apply to a vehicle during the movement phase (i.e. using bounding first fire)?
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    Missing Errata? A12.15

    .... (or, in the case of a routing unit, eliminated or captured for Failure to Rout; 10.533) Should “or captured” be crossed off in previous sentence of A12.15? This would seem to be necessary given that an errata was published for A10.533 basically saying that units stop routing after bumping...
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    E7.22 Aerial combat (dogfight)

    Unfortunately rules are not very clear on exactly who is allowed to enter aerial combat during the CCPh. If the rules are read to the letter, it seems that both ATTACKER and DEFENDER are allowed to do so during the CCPh. However, It seems "unnatural" for defender to take initiative during...
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    Vehicle MG MA SFF

    I SFFed with a Halftrack at a unit during the movement phase. This attack caused both a HOB fanatic and a SAN to break said fanatic ... I later reread the rules and I am not sure I was allowed to take that shot. A9.3 clearly allows an MG from a vehicle to use sustained fire, but "as per A8.4"...
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    BU H/T in bypass

    What is the procedure for a squad in level one of a building firing at a BU halftrack bypassing its buidling? The way I read it, the squad attacks the H/T with PBF as if it were unarmoured (D5.311+A7.308) If H/T is destroyed, no collateral attack applies If H/T is not destroyed/immobilized...
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    PbEM dice log?

    Has anybody tried using a dice log while playing by email? has such a program. Every DR is recorded on a website that can be accessed by both players. Logs cannot be reopened and DR rerolled. This would greatly reduce any temptation to cheat, and more importantly, to suspect your...
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    Looking for FtF opponent in Calgary

    Moved here a few days ago and I have a very flexible schedule. Unfortunately, all my ASL products are out east and I won't get them anytime soon. Any players out here?
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    HIP dummies

    Can a stack of two "?" counters use HIP as if they were an emplaced gun and a crew? No; Dummies may not set up HIP. ....Perry MMP
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    Dash move as stack

    Rule:A4,12, 4.2 & 4.63 > Question:Two MMCs and a leader are in 1M7 and move as a stack. The leader and > squad A declare a dash move to M5 and squad A successfully places a smoke > grenade in M6. Squad B places a DC in L7. The stack then moves to M6 (Leader and > squad A as dash move...