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  1. Mercurio68

    Vasl deleting all modules at each system upgrade

    Just to be sure I got it correctly: are you talking about Vasl only, or all vassal modules?
  2. Mercurio68

    Vasl deleting all modules at each system upgrade

    Hi, I have a Mac OS Catalina Installed. Each time I update the OS, all VASL and Vassal modules are deleted. Any idea how to avoid / prevent this? best regards
  3. Mercurio68

    What is your Current Miniatures Project?

    Going to 3d hexasim's Tenkatoitsu. The game mechanics are fantastic, and miniatures of the Sengoku period (Japan 1500-1600) will be of strong impact even if in 6mm. Now I'm collecting all the minis for the first battle; then I will build up the "table" (this will require more time, as I have to...
  4. Mercurio68

    Rear slot for counter

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a solution: I've seen on FB some rear vertical transparent slots for counter. This way the base can be used for multiple purpose and can be "updated" (step loss, DM, whatever). Unfortunately I'm unable to get back to the post, and to ask which material / piece the slot...
  5. Mercurio68

    What is your favorite scale of wargaming?

    I do love ASL, and playing it at least once per week. But I prefer much more the upper scales, as they "treat" logistics, commands and have a general outlook of "what is going on".
  6. Mercurio68

    From Switzerland, board wargaming addicted

    Ciao everyone, playing since 1985 too almost... everything. recently "back" to asl, playing ftf and also on vassal. I'm mainly concentrated on WWII and post, but any offer to play will be welcomed!!! Playing mostly 2D but also 3D...