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    New Player Guide

    You've already helped one fella out! Playing Korea 51 I decided to fall back on the right side to conserve forces as placed all my reinforcments around Saigon. Placing a small force up north to draw some of the enemy off, I moved across and cut off the main thrusts supply -at least I think I...
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    Potential TOAW Newbie

    I'm about a month or two ahead of you and I really enjoy it. Looking at the graphics you'll be surprised at the depth of the game...that I've been able to figure out so far. This board is really helpful, both the threads and the AAR. You'll also find yourself doing quite a bit of...
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    America's Army

    I like it and have played it a lot. My fav is Pipleline. I don't know if the DI counts or not but be careful who you shoot. You don't want to mess up your honor points.
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    St. Mihiel 18

    I just took a draw as well. I think it's because I lost VP points because it took too long and/or lost to many friendy loss penalty points (-12?). I held all the victory hexes?? I figured the US advantage is the tanks. I pushed my tanks up from the southeast almost to the northeast...
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    Great game!

    I've taken the advice on here to try smaller battles and, although not pretty, I have won a few. :D I think learning the symbols will help a lot. I noticed it is important to balance the turn or you can't exploit success. I then tried Cambrai (being Canadian) and after almost making the...
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    Great game!

    I came to the site because I ran across a magazine that is awesome. Checking out the forums I thought I'd get TOAOW to find out what everyone was raving about it...I have no idea what the f#ck I'm doing but I'm addicted. :D I just wanted to say thanks!
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    Farenhait 9/11

    You actually learn very little new if you've been paying attention over the past 4 years. Moore's sources are mostly major news outlets. At any rate, they say the sign of intelligence is to be able to hold two opposing points of view without meltdown :D
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    Farenhait 9/11

    Policies are creating a new generation of pissed off Muslims. I'm afraid that soon, if not already, the governments will be the moderates. We supposedly have reduced the AQ leadership by 75% yet terror is on the rise and has spread. Israel has been using that tactic and has been reduced to...
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    Farenhait 9/11

    It's an attack all right but not one on the American Military. It's an attack on those who commit war crimes and those that attempt to minimize those actions. One doesn't win awards because their war crimes are 'less' then the next guys! The point is that the moral war is measured on...
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    Farenhait 9/11

    If they are POW's then Gitmo should ONLY be populated with POW's charged with crimes since military operations have ceased. These POW's do have rights afforded a US soldier which includes a speedy trial. As I understand the convention, detainees are ipso facto given POW status regardless...
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    Farenhait 9/11

    It has nothing to do with being US citizens or not. The US signed the Geneva Convention and is bound by it. It seems the US is attempting to circumvent the convention by labeling the detainees as 'unlawful combatants', since POW's have to be afforded the same rights as US soldiers. You...