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  1. MrP

    6.5.0 Crash. Kind of...

    Just been on the server and had a crash (ish). An observer lost his internet connection and was booted from the server. Tony and I lost all the counters on the board. Tried saving and all we had was an empty board - the save file shrunk from 20kb to 2kb too. Must. Remember. To. Save. Frequently.
  2. MrP

    NE England

    Going to be back visiting the wrinklies for 3 weeks and may try and for in a game if anyone plays near Newcastle? May also try and get up Aberdeen for a lightning visit, depending on how mad the old folks are when I get there and how much they can be left to their own devices! email is ian at...
  3. MrP

    Spigot Mortar

    Gentlemen I'm working on a follow up to Uncommon Misery on the second battle of Bishenpur and come across references to the Japanese spigot mortar - any thoughts on how to model this in ASL other than as a one shot OBA battery?
  4. MrP

    Iron Sky

    Anyone seen this, an invasion by Nazis living on the dark side of the moon. I howled with laughter all the way through and rated it a big O for Awesome! It's turned into THE movie to watch at work at the moment, memory sticks of it being passed from hand to hand...
  5. MrP

    ASL First Dates

    What is it with the first time you meet someone to play ASL? First time I met Vinnie, Steve and Tony, we played at Martin's place, had a powercut and ended up playing by candlelight. First time I played in Brisbane, we played through the sound of the couple next door having very noisy and...
  6. MrP

    Monkeys With Typewriters in the new year?

    All I was thinking about resurrecting the MwT scenario design challenge again in the New Year, maybe with a HASL map'd theme. Want to use RB for Aachen, KGP for Malaysia, OVHS for Kharkhov? Feel free :) What reaction from the peanut gallery? Interest? Disdain? Disgust? Excitement...
  7. MrP

    Day Of The Triffids

    It's just made it here to Oz.....I'm kind of torn, it has a great cast with Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson and Eddie Izzard but just seems so overacted. Then again, it's only been on 45 minutes...... Has it made it to the US yet? I'm guessing it's been out in the UK for a while?
  8. MrP

    MwT II - Scenarios Uploaded

    All The final MwT scenarios are all uploaded to the download area here on GS and should be available on very shortly. Congratulations to all the Monkeys who took their time to design scenarios, the Judges for all their hard work, Steve Swann for guiding the process...
  9. MrP

    Victory Condition Musings

    Whilst looking through a bunch of scenarios for my upcoming PBeM games, one thing struck me about VotG in comparison with other scenarios and that was in the variety and uniqueness of their VCs. Normal VCs tend to err on the "Side A must control building A and building Y at game end" kind of...
  10. MrP

    MwT II - Ostfold. The TOP 5

    Ladies, gentlemen and assorted furry animals The results are here! The judges have deliberated, bickered, argued, chortled and generally acted more like a troupe of performing baboons than responsible human beings but in the end after all the votes were kicked and counted, the TOP 5 in...
  11. MrP

    Carpiquet - THE WINNER

    Ladies and gentlemen. The Judges have deliberated. The judges have played. The Judges have pushed little bits of cardboard around until their fingers bled (or at least until their mouse fingers bled). Discussion has been heated, abuse and praise has been heaped on all and sundry, often at the...
  12. MrP

    Scenario design contest - Carpiquet

    Attention all monkeys - fire up those typewriters and get the creative juices flowing! It has been unilaterally decided that the subject of the inaugural Monkeys And Typewriters Scenario Design Contest will be the Canadian attack on Carpiquet (based on the fact that it's the one most people have...
  13. MrP

    Monkeys and Typewriters - Scenario Design Contest

    Following on from the excellent thread about different scenarios covering the same action, interest has been expressed in putting a bunch of scenario design monkeys in a room to see what they'd come up with given exactly the same reference materials. What'd be the outcome? The ASL equivalent of...
  14. MrP

    D6.24 Fanatic Riders

    From Perry > >Rule:D6.24 > Question:The situation is that I have a scenario which says \"Riders > are Fanatic\". When does the Fanatic benefit cease? As soons as he > bails out, or until all MF are spent? D6.24 suggests that he is still > a Rider (and hence Fanatic) until all...
  15. MrP

    Immobilised Churchill Bridgelayer

    Chaps Played Goch Ya from OVHS last night and this question came up - can an immobilised bridgelayer still lay his bridge in the next MPh? The rules say you have to expend 8MP to do it, so can an immobilised AFV expend MP? From a quick scan of the rules last night, we said yes and allowed him...
  16. MrP

    White ROF Background on M4s

    OK guys, elementary question here, but what the hell does the white ROF background to the ROF on M4s mean? And where do I find it in the RB? I've seen it before but I certainly can't find it again! Old age or just plain stupid, you choose :roll: Cheers Ian
  17. MrP

    AFV CA Change in Wooden Building

    Gents Some help needed as I'm NRBH - my opponent has a Panther in a wooden building and wants to turn his VCA - how many MP does it cost? And he has to take a bog check each hexspine turned? TIA Ian