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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Since most, if not all, ASL gatherings are being cancelled, I will be socially distancing myself with a solo endeavor. I am starting KBR1 from Lone Canuck solo. This is the big one. I will try to give updates on my progress. Stay safe, Rob
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    VASL (live) opponent for Thursday/Friday

    I am looking for a VASL/Skype opponent for Thursdays or Fridays. Can play days or evenings. East Coast time zone. I would like to do a play through of all the Dispatches from the Bunker scenarios. Open to other suggestions as well. Rob
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    Red Factories CPP Poll

    Getting ready to start a RO CGII and after making my purchases I had 1CPP left over. What would you spend this 1CPP on?? I have already made my choice.
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    RO CG II Set up cost of OB given CPP

    Getting ready to start RO CGII. Are the costs of the OB given CPP increased for on map set up?? Would a non-reserve Sturm Coy cost the Germans 9 or 12 CPP for on map set up?? Rob
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    Looking for a dedicated VASL opponent for every Friday.

    I am looking for someone to play every Friday. I am in the eastern time zone of the US, but can play almost anytime of the day or night. So I'm open to play opponents from any time zone. I would like to play some kind of a chronological or unit history type of linked battles. I am also open...
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    May I get a DR, please and thank you.

    Need a DR to determine sides. Rob
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    Nor'easter opponents needed.

    Hello, I am looking for an open gaming opponent for Thursday. I would like to play something from Forgotten War or Objective Schmidt. I am also looking for a first round opponent for Friday's main tourney. Rob Loper
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    Street fighting against AFV in bypass of Woods

    Does a squad get the -1 for street fighting against an AFV in Bypass of a woods hex?? Rob
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    Lost Russian counters at Albany

    I just noticed that my Russian 1/2" counters are missing from my kit. I misplaced them at the Albany tournament in December. If anyone has as information as to their whereabouts please get in touch. Rob Loper