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    Hybrid tournament, FTF and VASL. Any interest in such an event.

    I think the benefits of a hybrid tourney would come from the ability to have everyone at the site, but have some playing FTF in the room and others playing VASL from their rooms. This would allow for more social distancing and overcome capacity constraints. Those that are extremely adverse to...
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    DB155 Fury On the Logging Trail from Dispatches

    I think it is correct. Row P is the north edge of the map. Rob
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    Tussle 2020 Wrap-Up

    Ran into some tough opponents at the Tussle! I did manage a victory Saturday night after Chuck left. So 1-3 overall. Rob
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    Planning some games for ASLOK 2020

    Hope to continue our annual match!
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    During turn six, the Russians ignored the order to be aggressive. They most likely sense the end is near. Also, a nasty 88LL is holding things up in the railway area. The 88 finally succumbs to the Soviet infantry. The Germans fall back. Turn seven is action packed. The Soviet air force...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Finished turn five. Not a lot to report. Russians push forward on their left through the smoke screen. Germans pull back. One plucky volkstrum squad takes out 1.5 squads (DR 3 and 2) in DFF. A 247 with a shrek had a ISU152 in its sights but wiffed when he decided to "step out". Needed a 7...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Sorry that I have not had any new updates lately. Been on VASL the last few days. The best way to deal with thread jumpers is to ignore them. Otherwise, the whole thread breaks down into a discussion of hi-jacking/not hi-jacking. Which of course defeats the whole purpose of complaining about...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    The Germans soon regret defending the southern rail station. Two smoke OBA missions blind the defenders in the stations. A CH kills off a 447 and a sniper breaks a 468/mmg that was led by a 10-2. This paves the way for a demo attack on the 10-2 stack in the southern station. The Germans...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Most of the action centered around the rail stations on turn 3. The Reds gained a foot hold in the Sudlicher Guterbanhof. The Germans had planned on giving ground but orders from the GROFAZ were to stand and fight. German 105mm OBA was called down on the Russians. JagdPz, Infantry guns and...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Russian turn two complete. The wire and mines are slowing the assault to a crawl. Reds start trying to create gaps in the wire and mines with T34/76s. They can't get a break on the wire bog rolls and one tank is immobilized in the minefield. Losses mount. A German sniper kills a 8-1 leader...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    German turn one complete. Reds lose two HS to booby traps....Some skulking and minor repositioning. Made a beer run and bought some gas..... now back to the front! Rob
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Soviet pre-game bombardment was ineffective. Germans lost some dummies and a wire. The seven 82mm mortars managed to get six smoke rounds down. Three mortars ran out of smoke. Prep fire was limited. Movement saw one human wave. Wire and mines slowed the Soviet hordes. Casualties are...
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    Doing my part, in these trying times.

    Since most, if not all, ASL gatherings are being cancelled, I will be socially distancing myself with a solo endeavor. I am starting KBR1 from Lone Canuck solo. This is the big one. I will try to give updates on my progress. Stay safe, Rob
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    CASLO XXIV - Fredericton NB 15 - 17 May

    That's a nice list of scenarios! However, just so you know, additional scenarios have been published since 1997! Rob PS: I am hoping to attend!
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    AP 100 Coal in Their Stocking

    I played this a few years ago. If I recall correctly the Americans unloaded all the MGs from the transport and forced my Germans back with high ROF stacks of death. Rob
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    VASL (live) opponent for Thursday/Friday

    I still have Thursdays open. Day or Night time. Rob
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    VASL (live) opponent for Thursday/Friday

    I have Friday covered, MrHonus. I am still open for Thursday. Also, I am open to playing almost anything on Thursdays. I have the DftB stuff covered. Rob
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    VASL (live) opponent for Thursday/Friday

    I am looking for a VASL/Skype opponent for Thursdays or Fridays. Can play days or evenings. East Coast time zone. I would like to do a play through of all the Dispatches from the Bunker scenarios. Open to other suggestions as well. Rob
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    Leaving soon! My roads are covered in snow! Hope I pass my bog check! Rob
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    RO CG II Set up cost of OB given CPP

    I was the Russians and quit after one turn. Suffered 5 critical hits and lost about a third of my force. That being said, I do think the Russians can win. They will be annihilated, but can hold on to the required stone locations. It just won't be much fun. Rob