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  1. asloser

    Vichy French in VASL

    Here is the thread where this was discussed along with other combinations needed:
  2. asloser

    #34: Storm of Steel

    Great show as always. Could the board edge creep be neutralized by massed use of AT ditches and AT mines on the board edges? Then you can mass all your AT assets middle of the play area on both boards and can avoid long distance pushing guns operations? Also you could concentrate the AT HS...
  3. asloser

    The future of the Ersatz VASLeague

    YOU seem to know how it should be done and who is eligible to play and who is not. Perhaps YOU need to set up your own league instead?
  4. asloser

    Modern e-cards we need

    Hmmm. Something tells me our game last night was the inspiration for this.
  5. asloser

    Scenario packs we could use!

    Pitkäputkinen Sotka anyone?
  6. asloser

    Scenario packs we could use!

    About 1997-98 i was frustrated the way Finns were depicted in ASL. Now I have myself and couple of others to blame for the way they are.
  7. asloser

    Dinant CG (Dennis Brothers)

    That sucks. Get well soon. I want to drink some red wine with you guys next ASLOK.
  8. asloser

    That's Our Dave

    Well, at the beginning of this session I felt I had a solid position. Not anymore- I just felt I needed that Lee with both guns Malfd back but this backfired royally. Tried to use the Stuart to get into more even position but that back fired as well. Still lots can happen, including Dave finally...
  9. asloser

    Scenarios We Need: The Battle of Bengtskär

    Good to hear. Hopefully it turns out nicely! There is another island Fight in Summer of 1942 at Someri. Have you looked into that? IMO it has more potential. And then of course the German landings in September of 1944 at Suursaari...
  10. asloser

    Scenarios We Need: The Battle of Bengtskär

    Hmm. Was I too serious?
  11. asloser

    Scenarios We Need: The Battle of Bengtskär

    I have looked at this. It is a quite small island. If someone makes a map I can have a look but there is not much of a game here I'm afraid.
  12. asloser

    That's Our Dave

    Yes it has been updated. Russian tanks have lost all special ammo and the German OB has been tinkered with. Our game is still pretty open - you'll get our verdict soon on a YouTube channel near you.
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    Hybrid tournament, FTF and VASL. Any interest in such an event.

    Over the top? Why, you just described the average Finnish ASL gathering.
  14. asloser

    #32: Berated at Baranovichi

    ROAR is only a guide, and it is not the only way to assess balance. If something has 28-14 record in ROAR it is saying to me it is doable for both sides and might favour one side- to what degree you'll only know after analysis and possibly play of the scenario
  15. asloser

    German Paratroopers 1943+ squad

    Lahti ATRs were modified as a makeshift AA weapon in 1944 to use automatic fire. But I think Russian ATRs hit a far better combination of firepower vs mobility vs simplicity.
  16. asloser

    German Paratroopers 1943+ squad

    How about Finnish 838?
  17. asloser

    What style dice do you use, precision or round cornered?

    Yeah indeed. I hope your luck ahs picked up!
  18. asloser

    What style dice do you use, precision or round cornered?

    If you only could use 4sided dice...
  19. asloser

    NK leader

    I believe this bit was non scrolling before all the KW nationalities were added. I recall looking for North Koreans as well couple of months ago before having a private AHA moment. You were not just used scrolling the nationalities list.