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  1. Morbii

    A10.51 and B28.413 and "known" Minefields

    Haven't even played in over a year and a half, but got an answer tonight to a question posed probably 2-3 years ago!
  2. Morbii

    A11.22 Withdrawl allowed one unit at a time

    > Question:Must a group of withdrawing units withdraw at the same time? e.g. consider 2 HS withdrawing via Ambush. Can one wait until the other has entered a new hex and ensured that there isn\'t a HIP unit before he enters a new hex as well, Yes >or must they both enter new...
  3. Morbii

    If you could change one thing in ASL...

    ...what would you change, and how would you change it? (other than the obvious of "no errata necessary" or similar) The recent thread on CGs and DR involved in the CG made me think of posting this. I would change the way ammo depletion works. As it stands, I think it's somewhat ridiculous...
  4. Morbii

    Scenario Design books

    I've noticed two separate scenario design books out there for ASL (Pitman's and Dorosh's). Are either of them any good/worth it if I want to try my hand at ASL scenario design? Are there more options out there as well?