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  1. william.stoppel

    Königsberg has arrived!

    My copy of the Battle of Koenigsburg has arrived! Great job George! Everything looks top notch. I love the changes you made to the various OBs. I have to say I miss the Kraut rocket half tracks but they weren’t really practical (but cool chrome). I can’t wait to get this on the table...
  2. william.stoppel

    CH Annual 5

    Has anyone heard any update on when this will be released and what the contents will be?
  3. william.stoppel

    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    I am looking for an opponent to playtest the large Konigsberg scenario (16 turns over almost the entire map) all day Saturday at Winter Offensive. Any takers?
  4. william.stoppel

    India Pattern carriers

    Jim and I played Tomforce (J71) last night. Short scenario which my Japanese passed their only morale check and his Brits did not. Preparing for this one did make me read the Chapter H notes on the India Pattern carriers since I had never played with them before. Are there any other...
  5. william.stoppel

    CH Annual #4

    has anyone heard any update on when the CH Annual 4 will be shipped? I thought it might beat the Forgotten awards out the door but apparently not
  6. william.stoppel

    ESG where for art though?

    So I was at ASLOK earlier this week and happened to notice Mark and David playing ESG 121 Behemoths and Bullet Sponges. I haven't played this one but it is on my list so I stopped to watch for a bit. This led to a discussion on whether or not Glenn and company would ever put out another...
  7. william.stoppel

    New MMP DASL pack

    does anyone have any intell on the new MMP DASL pack? I saw a playtest scenario on new DASL maps on Facebook and can't stop drooling over new official DASL maps.