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  1. Bad Dice

    Singling CG

    Folks, I have volunteered myself to play Dennis Hess in the Singling CG. Nascent guilt was part of the motivation, my dice beat him up pretty handily when we played Cold Crocodiles. My inability to say 'No' also played a part. Dennis was looking for an opponent and I found out and... there we...
  2. Bad Dice

    ASL Etiquette

    Beyond the commonplace notions of good sportsmanship, etc. what are considered to be items of good ASL etiquette? I ask because of something that struck me while watching the ASL In Real Time videos, regarding the tracing of LOS. BD
  3. Bad Dice

    Trailers in Bypass

    Greetings, Dennis Hess and I are a playing Cold Crocodiles. He has a Croc in Bypass. Does the Croc pay extra for traversing in Bypass, for the trailer. Neither of us could find anything in the obvious sections of the rules, but maybe this is in a non-obvious place. Or maybe there's some errata...
  4. Bad Dice

    Special Ammo

    Played a scenario using VASL (6.5). Noticed that the British 51mm SW MTR did not have an annotation on the back of the counter for Smoke Depletion. Am I missing something or is this in fact not present on the counter? If this has been fixed in 6.6 disregard. BD
  5. Bad Dice

    ASL-themed song parodies

    Ladies and Gents; My friend Dennis and I have and continue to generate ASL-related parodies of otherwise-familiar songs. I seem to recall that once upon a time there was a thread in this collection of fora in that regard, but it's either disappeared or I'm not smart enough to resurrect it. As...
  6. Bad Dice

    VASLing with Stew

    VASLing with Stew Link to a number of videos which show the aforementioned Stew playing through an ASL/ASLSK scenario. Very informative. BD
  7. Bad Dice

    Blockbusting the Meatgrinder

    My esteemed friend and ASL opponent Sergeant Schmutz, fresh from our tussle in the streets of France, now square off in the rubble of Monte Cassino in this scenario from Coastal Fortress. SS is probably out for blood, judging by the world-class dicings I gave him in First to Strike and...
  8. Bad Dice

    Looking for Playtesters

    I've got a workable draft for a Night scenario, British commandos vs German garrison troops, set in France '42. It's derived from Operation Biting, which was a raid on a Wuerzburg radar installation at Broneval. It's 6.5 turns, and doesn't involve any of the usual Night hoosifudge like Jitter...
  9. Bad Dice

    Ramcke's Redoubt

    Sgt. Schmutz and I go at it again, this time in the streets of western France about two months post-D-Day. SS and I had originally planned to do Storming the Factory next, but he'd called my attention to this one some time before that, and we both decided to give the Eastern Front a rest...
  10. Bad Dice

    J 160 Bienen Burnout

    My long-time friend and ASL conspecific Dave Haasl and I have been working our way through all the scenarios in Journal 10, starting with the Grinding Mill and concluding with this one, J 160 Bienen Burnout. BB is a late-war German vs. Canadian action which features a collection of 4-6-7s...
  11. Bad Dice

    Control Gain/Forfeiture question

    The Russians, for the sake of argument, solely control a building. For the purposes of this argument let's say that the building is on Deluxe board a, and that the building itself is aK2. German OBA has started a Flame which became a Blaze, which has subsequently engulfed the majority of...
  12. Bad Dice

    First To Strike

    My erstwhile gaming opponent and good friend Sgt Schmutz is a DASL fan, so we decided to give SoF 4 First to Strike a whirl. The scenario is one of those DASL slugfests where a bunch of somebody lays into a bunch of somebody else and there's carnage aplenty to be had. This one is set in...
  13. Bad Dice

    The Great ASL Novelty Song Contest

    So I'm over at SgtSchmutz' house one fine day and I mention something about writing ASL novelty songs (you Weird Al Yankovic fans will know what I'm talking about) and found out that Sgt Schmutz also likes to write them. SgtSchmutz then goes the extra step and drops the challenge glove...