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  1. hershmeister

    Death To Fascism Pack at ASLOK and Albany

    Great! Will pick up a copy at Albany - save one for me! thanks!
  2. hershmeister

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    OMG - I am going to need another set of RAACOS!
  3. hershmeister

    Your ASL Moment of the Year

    Playing Brett Hildebrandt at Albany in a Japanese vs Chinese scenario (what was the name?) and he has a platoon of Stuart tanks roll up behind a bunch of my guys in buildings, and a wave of Chinese in front. My hidden gun immobilizes on tank and kills another but my infantry are falling apart...
  4. hershmeister

    Albany 2016 AAR - Part 2 - Defending Burma

    NRBH but I thought EC have No effect on kindling buildings?
  5. hershmeister


    congrats to both Paul and Michael for their 1st and 2nd places! Michael - I look forward to playing you again with better dice next time :)
  6. hershmeister

    Vietnam ASL?

    anyone seen this before? someone thinks its worth a bunch of $$ current bid is nealry $200...
  7. hershmeister

    New members introduce yourself here

    Welcome to the board lance!!! Now we have to get you up and running on VASL and your mind will truly be blown :)
  8. hershmeister

    Kreta Review

    nice Nazi Gay Porn Video!:banana:
  9. hershmeister

    New members introduce yourself here

    Re-emerging from the darkness... Hey folks, I am finally returning to ASL after a long 10 year absence due to heavy job travel and 3 daughters! Played SL in the early 80's, and ASL when it came out. Even attended a couple of ASLOKs in the mid 90's. I had actively particpated in GEnie and...