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  1. asloser

    Sissukoni the Finnish ASL tournament- Helsinki 21st to 23rd August.

    The Finnish ASL association Self-Rally Platoon RY is happy to announce the 2020 edition of Finnish ASL tournament Sissukoni. We have been going strong ever since 1999. Sissukoni 2020 will be held in Pohjolankatu 2, Helsinki, Finland 21st to 23rd August. Starting at 5 PM Friday to 3 PM Sunday...
  2. asloser

    Your favourite sentence in ASLRB?

    Been re-reading the rules. Today I stumbled into my favourite sentence of the whole book: "Bocage is a one-level LOS obstacle with a difference". As a non-native English language speaker I thought it would be... an one-level LOS obstacle... But grammar aside after all these years this sentence...
  3. asloser

    Looking for VASL PBEM game

    I'm looking for another VASL PBEM game. IFT. Max 3 boards in size. 3-4 logs /week. Experienced in ASL but new to PBEM.
  4. asloser

    AAR Bodø ASL Open - 24th. Jan-26th Jan 2020

    Last October I realized there was going to be an ASL event in Bodø, Norway. Hmmm. Why is this city something I have noticed before? Oh, they have the aviation museum for Norway - a place I have wanted to visit for years! Also I remembered how it was when we decided to set up the Finnish ASL...
  5. asloser

    AAR the Finnish ASL tournament Sissukoni XXI August 23-24-25 2019.

    Here is an AAR of the games I played during the Finnish ASL tournament Sissukoni XXI August 23-24-25 2019. Round 1 Friday evening: DB111 Flanking Hatten vs. Lars Gregorson In this one I was the attacking German. It was nice to play Lars whom I had never played before. He had three concealed...
  6. asloser

    The Very Best of March Madness (Vol. 1) errata/ clarifications?

    Hi, I recently acquired this and now I've been going through the scenarios- I have a couple of questions regarding these. At least the German set up instructions for MM17 Busting the Bocage do not make any sense and also some smaller things are unclear as well. Is there a place I can find...
  7. asloser

    AP57 Klenckerweise SSR3 question

    Getting ready to set up this as the German. I started to wonder how SSR3 should be played. the way I read it is that I need to divide the reinforcements into three groups before French setup, but then I can select what group comes where and when freely during the game. Did I get this right?
  8. asloser

    DTF-7 Fast and Furious German OB question

    The German OB calls for 2 ”PSW 232 (8 rad)”. I can find a PSW 232 counter or PSW 231 (8 rad) counter. Which one is correct?
  9. asloser

    German four barrel AAMG?

    I’m reading book passage for a potential Finnish - German scenario in October 1944. The Finnish description refers to an “four barrel anti aircraft machine gun”. The closest I can think of is a Flakviering, of course this is a 20mm cannon and would be quite powerful... is there anything else...
  10. asloser

    Couple of BFP questions

    I have not been too active with ASL in 2010-2017, and now I’m getting back at it. I have acquired most of the BFP things and I have a couple of questions when I’m sorting my stuff for play. The only thing I purchased in 2009/10 from BFP was Blood and Jungle, hence I have the new versions of...
  11. asloser

    DTF-3 True Grit or DTF-6 Magnificent Beasts of Prey?

    Looking scenarios to play on Saturday. I cannot decide between these two. Which one is better and why?