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    The Drive For Saint Lo VC in scenario DSL5

    EDIT My mistake, per location so more LVP's than I thought Just setting up the defence in the big scenario from Drive For Saint Lo, The VC states that the American wins if he takes 15LVP's (Location victory points) but has to take 1 move LVP for each 6CVP's the Germans inflict. Problem is...
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    Spoogbob VASL Punk

    Playing on Sunday night and this guy called Spoogbob came into our room and deleted the odd counters from our game. Both information and units. We did not notice to start off with as the scenario was large. When challenged he wrote "me no speekie englishi or such crap. If anyone knows him I...
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    Cameronians Crossing from Critical Hits Orders for the Major

    Fitting with my plans to continue playing from unplayed or seldom played packs and playing a wider selection of publishers though both MMP and BFP will still feature heavily as you would expect. Cameronians Crossing is from Critical Hit's Orders for the Major reprint of Scotland The Brave back...
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    A125 Ambush on South Knob

    First scenario played from AP13, real fun game, the bamboo really makes the map different to if ETO, My defending American's just held off the Japanese, full AAR on my blog Ian
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    Enter and exit the board

    Playing the last of the FB scenarios (been a blast, great scenarios) but rubble creation has allowed me to lay a trap for my opponent with a roadblock. He has brought a tank onto the map and on the first MP gets to see the roadblock blocking his route. Whilst he has the option to drive through...
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    Caves for Starters

    Just finished playing 72 Sea of Tranquillity and enjoyed the cave rules. Being the first cave scenario for both of us we are still in the learning curve. Anyone got any recommendations for PTO vets who have been cave shy to this point? We have almost everything between us and play via VASL...
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    So who is going to Heroes?

    Booked the hotel so me and James will be tripping the light fantastic. Who else is going?
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    Journal 8?????????????????

    I am a little confused. Blood and Jungle has about 6 threads going, one now on 49 pages. Two are look what I got threads all of their own. Whilst hardly any muttering over Journal 8 at all. What gives? I would have thought we would have seen some talk about the product. I am waiting for it to...