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  1. MrHonus

    VotG or RO Campaign

    Looking to play a CG from either of the aforementioned Modules. Prefer the Germans, but that is negotiable. Skype/VASL/ I can play one or two weekday mornings a week from 7 AM (Pacific Time--West Coast USA).
  2. MrHonus

    Looking for live VASL weekdays from 8AM Pacific

    Will play anything that doesn't involve the Desert or Caves. Scenarios or Campaigns.
  3. MrHonus

    Live VASL Oppo wanted

    Would like to play on a regular basis if possible, but one-offs also an option. I am on the US West Coast and can be available most weekday mornings from about 8 AM local.
  4. MrHonus

    (Closed) VASL Live Oppo wanted

    I'm interested in playing some ETO Scenarios, I am available during the week from around 8AM Pacific time.
  5. MrHonus

    Hatten Campaign Rubble Generation

    Howdy: When exactly is step 3.6211 conducted? Prior to setup? I am curious since "units" in effected hexes are destroyed. TIA.
  6. MrHonus

    Looking for some Hot Man-on-Man action

    Looking for Live play, full ASL. Scenarios or Campaigns. Available Weekday Mornings (from 8 AM Pacific Time). Prefer not to use Skype.
  7. MrHonus

    Night Rout when ADJACENT to a KEU

    The night rules state that units cannot be eliminated due to failure to rout. This implies that if a friendly broken unit is ADJ to a KEU with no legal rout path (i.e. one that doesn't take it closer to a KEU) the unit must stand. Is that correct? If so, MAY a broken unit ADJACENT to a KEU...
  8. MrHonus

    VotG Campaign VASL

    Looking for a Campaign Game, Live VASL. I am on the US Pacific Coast. Primarily playing Saturday AMs, from 8AM. Also available some weekday evenings and also during the day on alternate Fridays. PM if interested.
  9. MrHonus

    Primosole Bridge CG on VASL

    Looking to play the Campaign on VASL. I am on the West Coast of the US and can play most Saturday mornings and probably one or two nights during the week. PM if interested.
  10. MrHonus

    Live VASL Play

    Looking for regular opponent to get together on Saturday or Sunday mornings from approximately 8AM Pacific (US West Coast). Will play anything that is not Desert or involves Caves. Also up for a campaign.