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  1. Sully

    Patrick Ireland

    I'm cross-posting this from Facebook as I don't think Patrick was active here but many of the people he touched are. From Robert Zinselmeyer "This sad news come to me through Ed Beekman and he asked to pass it along to the wider ASL community. Patrick Ireland passed away July 16, 2019. His...
  2. Sully

    Graphics files for KPG boards?

    Does anyone have, or know where to find, the original graphics files used to create the KPG boards? -Sully
  3. Sully

    RB vs. RO rules?

    Where any of the original RB rules changed in the reprint of chapter O included in Red Factories beyond the Reinforcement tables and scenarios? If so are the changes documented somewhere?
  4. Sully

    Operation Lüttich - German Units

    Hi All, I've been researching the battle near Mortain, France during Operation Lüttich (7 Aug 44) for a CG I'm designing. There are a number of good resources from the US perspective (Reardon, Featherston), but I'm looking for some help finding better resources for the German units, namely the...
  5. Sully

    Finding Aerial Photographs?

    Is there anywhere online hosting files of aerial photos taken in the Normandy breakout area? Google fails me. -Sully
  6. Sully

    Refit Phase likes? Dislikes?

    For you CG aficionados - are there aspects of the Refit Phase (including 3rd party versions of the RePh) that you really enjoy? Other aspects that you really don’t enjoy? Why? -Sully
  7. Sully

    Definition of equipment

    The phrase Unit/equipment is used extensively in A26.2 Victory Conditions but equipment is not defined in the index. Is equipment anything that can be possessed by a Unit? Is a fascine counter equipment? The definition of equipment is not really ambiguous in determining VP but I find it odd that...
  8. Sully

    Streams of Death

    Playing Ozerekya Breakout and the weather turned to falling snow, which makes the streams Frigid. Being a dumba$$ I wasn't aware of the very severe penalty for entering a frigid stream: ELR and eventually CR. There is no provision for being IN the stream vs. in crest status. So I can't use the...
  9. Sully

    Cloaked unit moving a non-dm SW

    During a night scenario a cloaked unit recovers a non-dm MTR (5PP) in its movement phase while remaining cloaked. Does the unit's movement need to end since the MTR is able to be dm and is not?
  10. Sully

    Operation Vegetable - Historical Salad

    Do you find yourself making up nonsense names for your SL/ASL modules when you should be concentrating on the game? Favs? A few of mine: GI: A$$holes of Victory Valley of the Chards Beyond Velour Armies of Bolivia
  11. Sully

    VASL 6.4

    If you hold your ear to the ground you will hear the ever-so-faint rumblings of VASL 6.4. It's still very much nascent, but the Ogres are dancing around the fire in the dark of night, taking long pulls from the sacred mead cup, and dreaming strange and wonderful dreams. The current List of...
  12. Sully

    What's the deal with the Emporium?

    So we have to subscribe now to buy/sell stuff? If people can't see the ads without a paid subscription what's the point? -Sully
  13. Sully

    Small VASL/Skype game wanted

    Hey all, I've been away from ASL for many-a-year and would like to get back into it. I was fairly competent in my day, but the dust lies thick on whatever part of my brain keeps the ASL rules. I'd like to play a small VASL ETO scenario via Skype, something with a low unit count. I would like...