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    Vichy problem

    In one of my games after France fell none of the Vichy units appeared. It's been about 30 turns and still no sign of them. Any ideas?
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    Germans in Africa

    First off - can SS units go to Africa freely as the Afrika Korps does? 2) Once the middle east has been conquered by the Germans, including Malta and Gib and Turkey, the restrictions on regular German army units going to Africa via air and sea are lifted, no? I'd think that would be the case...
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    There are Russian replacements and reinforcements reconstituting behind German lines. I thought that this glitch had been repaired in TOAW III. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Red Army Armored Train Units --

    How should they do used effectively? I have yet to figure out how to use them to good effect.
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    Just making sure - there is no mud ceasefire in spring of 1940, correct?
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    looking for a game

    Any takers?
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    New Bug in TAOW III version???

    I'm the allies, Paris was taken twice - I took it back the next turn, was taken right after - and was held this time. Two turns later - my French troops are still there. It's obviously good for me, but I'm sensing some unfairness perhaps?
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    Pressuring Poland

    I'm on turn 3 of 3.4d and there's no TO to "Pressuer Poland to attack the USSR" - is this a glitch? The French have extended the Maginot...
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    Who's next? :)

    I have room for another game - 4/5 turns per week capable here. Either side is fine.
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    Does everyone agree with me that the Sitz is EXTREMELY boring??? I am wondering whether the very talented creator(s) might be able to think up some fine substitute for it - something that mirrors the cease fire, but alleviates the boredom on the player... I know that it can be useful for...
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    Soviet Units popping up AFTER USSR surrender!

    Soviet Units popping up AFTER USSR surrender! Soviet Units popping up AFTER USSR surrender! What to do??? Supposedly the USSR is out of the game but units continue to pop up all over the map of Russia. If a Partisan appears, hex control goes to the Allied player, and soon enough - there are...
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    Axis Surrender - How to record it?

    When the Axis player decides that he can no longer win and chooses to surrender (as is most often the case, to the detriment of the Allied player's satisfaction) and has say a "Significant Victory" at that time, but it is obvious to all that in time Germany would be crushed, how then should the...
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    PROBLEM - Units appearing behind enemy lines...

    Russian units often pop up behind German lines - not good. The Russian player needs them where he can deploy AND it's not realistic - army groups popping up in conquered territory. To compensate, the Russian player has had to disband all such units which he can sorely afford... ALSO -...