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    Rules Query: Locomotivezes

    Has anyone seen, anywhere in the orthodox rules, or failing that, in any SSR, rules for locomotives? Movement? Or just destroying one while stationary? Seems to me this sort of thing might be pertinent to a Lot of partisan scenarios.
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    SB03 "Outgunned but Not Outfought"

    I just got finished playing through this scenario tonight, and I am so impressed with it, and with my opponent, that I felt the need to post here (my first on this thread). This scenario is one of Bill Wilder's ACW ASL variant. I had played through a couple of other scenarios from this...
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    Devil's Advocacy

    Wanna see people Foam at the Mouth? Stay tuned . . . (Note to moderators: I post the following in complete sincerity, with No intent of causing anyone emotional distress - but, having some familiarity with some of the 'Usual Suspects' hereabouts, Every expectation of doing so) (*ahem*)...