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    Multi-hex FG and CX counters

    I have a 3 hex FG and two of the units in two different hexs have a CX situation. Is that a cumulative +2 DRM on top of any other TEM and Hindrence DRM when I try to figure out an attack from that FG?
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    New to TOAW3. Played Kasserine Pass tutorial. What next?

    I know I could jump in and take on the east front or something like that, but I want to build up in unit complexity and detail. Do any of you know of a scenario progression that eases one into the game. To be honest, it seems daunting has hell to tackle some of the even moderate scenarios...
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    The battle of Kasserine.........Are there scenarios that cover it?

    I am still pretty new and playing through the ASLSK stuff. I was reading about the battle of Kasserine and tried to search for ASL related material but had no luck. Is there a database of scenarios for ASL by region/battle?
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    CX counter removal question.

    Thank you for the quick and clear answer.
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    CX counter removal question.

    Playing ASLSK#1. I believe it says in the rule book that each unit has its own separate movement phase. The CX counter says remove at the beginning of that units NEXT movement phase. Ok sounds clear enough. If each unit moves during its own personal MPh, does that mean if I do not move a...
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    Seems like a silly question, but I cannot search out the answer.

    Ok for some reason I see the line now even though I read over it about 5 times now. Thanks.
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    Seems like a silly question, but I cannot search out the answer.

    I have never run into this before I guess. I have read and re-read the movement phase section in the book and the CC section as well. I noticed it says you can move into an enemy hex during the APh, but there is nothing on enemy hex movement during MPh. Can I move into enemy hex during the...
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    Multiple MGs in same hex. A few questions...............

    It was to create a kill stack to penetrate the German defenses, a risky move but needed to cover the other Americans assaulting and I needed the German stack protecting the W part of town to crumble if possible. Cool. Did not know this as the rules in ASLSK are spread all over hell but Im sure...
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    Multiple MGs in same hex. A few questions...............

    Hi, playing through S5 Clearing Colleville. Have both American MMGs in U6 and shooting at P6. I have a few questions, ( I am playing solo). 1. I have 3 MMCs in the hex, 2 MMG and a 9-1 leader. I believe this is legal with the stacking limit correct? 2. My first attack was during the DFPh...