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  1. Larry

    Singling Initial OOB

    What or where is it? Apparently lost the ability to seek and find.
  2. Larry

    37 Flak PZ IV fails a MC

    while in shooting mode. does he BU and get the little stun.
  3. Larry

    WA in an Olive Grove

    B14.8 ... vehicles may gain WA (9.32) in an olive grove hex. Does that apply to vehicles claiming WA over a wall or hedge and still retaining the TEM for other attacks that do not cross the wall/hedge?
  4. Larry

    Resolving an Illegal Move Discovered Turns Later

    The American OOB includes a M3A1 (note 39) or any other vehicle covered by note D. (its crew may Remove its MG armament (D6.631). ). The vehicle moves onboard concealed and stops out of LOS. The owner unloads the passenger who takes the MG armament with him, all under a concealment counter...
  5. Larry

    Bread Factory #2

    The Russians set up and by the time the rally phase starts, all units are concealed. The 9-1 leader rolls a dr 1 on the first prep fire phase. There are no KEU in LOS or onboard. The 9-1 and the MMC stacked with him return to normal. Did the Russians just snooker themselves by not...
  6. Larry

    Armored Assault - ROF

    A vehicle and infantry in armored assault move into a shellhole. For an unknowable reason, the infantry expend two MF to enter the shellhole. The AFV spends one MP to enter the location. A mortar fires and retains rate. The mortar fires again at the second MF. Is the vehicle immune...
  7. Larry

    Trail Break ... leaving the hex in bypass of a different hex

    B28.61 Mine in OG. AFV rolls in, takes the personnel mine on the IFT. Does not immobilize. Mine in front of a building. Vehicle does not want to risk falling in the cellar and wants to exit the location bypassing the building. The entry in the OG creates the partial, does the exit of the...
  8. Larry

    Rules Clarified at Winter Offensive

    Broken Green Squad in the street, disrupted, and DM but not adjacent to a KEU. and So the disrupted unit must stop in the first rally terrain reached. Verbal Perry Sez.
  9. Larry

    FrF68 A Hasty Farewell -- couple of questions

    TK = 13 because it is "Russian" or 17 because it is a PaK 40 -- "German?" We played it as Russian. Captured T-34 M43 -- TK = 13 because we use a brown counter? Captured T-34 gets immobilized, spins its turret and then gets hit with the TCA front facing but VCA rear. DR calls for turret...
  10. Larry

    Sniper "2" Against Unarmored SdKfz 7/1

    German as the SdKfz 7/1 and the unit is CE. SAN gets a 2; dir/dis picks the flak. A14.22 -- unarmored vehicle with PRC is a target. The vehicle has a crew. A14.3 -- Stuns CE crew; pins [...] Inherent crew of unarmored-vehicle. D5.34 (little stun) -- if any CE crew of a fully armored...
  11. Larry

    OBA correction ... which hexes are legal

    The 7-0 called in smoke. He now wants to move the smoke. Can he move and roll for dir/dis to AA4-7, BB4-7, or CC5-7? Could he even move it to Y5 and Y6?
  12. Larry

    Correcting OBA ... smoke that is

    The radioman calls in smoke. The move to SR to FFE was inaccurate and it moved closer to the caller. Next fire phase, can the radioman move it back? LOS is blocked by his own smoke; does he get to disregard his own smoke for LOS to the AR? Doesn't look like it.
  13. Larry

    Riders and Case A

    Passengers are clear on bounding fire -- they pay the case B and case C DRM, in the example: What isn't clear are riders. D6.22: Tank rolls up and comes to a stop. Cases B and C do not apply to non-ordnance shots of PRC, just halved for moving. In the next player turn, the tank spins the...
  14. Larry

    Lone Canuck Scenarios

    Anyone played any of the products put out by George Kelln? What is your first hand experience? :confused:
  15. Larry

    Mulitple Hexsides Traversed and Residual FP

    Situation: A prior attack left residual fire power while in bypass. Later in the movement phase, another unit engages in bypass movement in the same hexside and then traverses another hexside requiring another MP expenditure. The vulnerable infantry are on a motorcyle but could be PRC as...
  16. Larry

    Setup in a Woods hex by Vehicle

    If a vehicle sets up in the woods, does it do so free of the bog check? :?: Thanks for the help! Larry