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  1. Rindis

    Hindrance, twice

    Had two interesting questions come up last night. 1) A vehicle in stationary VBM fires at a unit a few hexes away. One of the hexes forming the CAFP vertex (not the hex the vehicle is bypassing/in) has a wreck blaze in it. Does the presence of smoke at the CAFP vertex Hinder the shot? [We...
  2. Rindis

    PBeM Opponent Wanted

    Okay, it's time to get a PBeM ASL game going again. I'm looking for a VASL PBeM game with regular updates (note: my rate of update might be a bit slow, but it should still be a few times a week). I'm open to most anything (have never done PTO though), but am a bit rusty on the odder parts, and...
  3. Rindis

    Wanted - VASL PBeM

    I am specifically looking for a game of A96 "In Rommel's Wake". Note that its record is lopsided, so I figure on using the French balance whatever the sides are. This is the fourth in a set of four SL-rework/tournament scenarios in Annual '96, and I'm playing them all against different...
  4. Rindis

    DA8 Gruppo Mobile AAR

    Well... it's been a rough month for gaming. Mark is always busy during April, but this month has been worse than normal, with work putting a lot of extra stress on his schedule. Jason was busy, and Zjonni had some free time, but is already being buried under classes again. So, our big game...
  5. Rindis

    137 Italian Brothers - AAR In Progress

    As the previous scenario between me and Patch wound down, we had a chance to talk about what we wanted to do next. Patch mentioned that it had been a while since we'd seen the Italians (in fact, since our Primosole Bridge CG, where they didn't do so well thanks an ELR of 0). Having recently...
  6. Rindis

    J67 The Lawless Roads AAR In Progress

    After finishing the Market-Garden set, Patch and I are playing one of the early-war scenarios in Journal 4 featuring Carriers. The British are trying to clear a road through a village (no GO Germans on or adjacent to it), but the Germans are already strongly defending the town. In addition to...