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  1. johnl

    Dinant German Counters

    Hi I found the Dinant info counters (ferries, tunnels, etc) but can't find Rommel and the AEs with the Demo charge symbols. I thought these would be included in 6.5.1. Do I need an extension, or maybe new glasses?
  2. johnl

    VBM Overlay Problem

    When I add the VBM draggable overlay to my QC configuration it shows up as a Wrecked Bulldozer. This may have been going on for some time as I haven't had need for the overlay for awhile.
  3. johnl

    Statistics Question

    My math sucks. I can grok the odds (probability?) of rolling a certain number on one die, greater (less) than or equal to a certain number on two dice an even these conditions for consecutive rolls. (You multiply them, right?) Now I am faced with a decision of whether to take two consecutive...
  4. johnl

    Captured Tanks

    First time playing with BFP captured vehicles. In this case a KV-8 flame tank in use by the Germans. I'm assuming that all onboard armament suffers captured use penalties. True?
  5. johnl

    EmRR Truck Movement

    Sirs and (possibly, but not likely) Ladies: Consider moving a truck from Y3 to Y4. The RR Movement Point Chart for EmRR sez crossing a RR hexside not using a RR Crossing is 6MP+COT. Is the COT for a vehicle moving onto a Hillock (1MP F6.3) included in the 6MP so the COT would be (a) 1MP [OG]...
  6. johnl

    Looking for PBEM Game

    I've been playing for a few years and am willing to play anything [EXC: Campaign]. Generally a log a day. I have all the MMP stuff and most of the TPP. Kind of eyeing ITR1 Debacle at Sung Kyang as a first scenario but will go with whatever. PM me if interested.
  7. johnl

    ASOP With Filters

    I could have sworn I saw somewhere an ASOP set up in an Excel spreadsheet so that you could filter for infanty, vehicles, etc. Searches on this forum, BGG and Google have been fruitless. Does anyone know where this might be found?
  8. johnl

    Desert Terrain Issue

    Playing my first desert scenario and it looks like Hammada is showing up as Crags and Scrub as Brush. I'm using VASL 6.4.3 and selected DTO in the Terrain configuration box. Is there something else I need to do? The snippet is from board 31.
  9. johnl

    OB Given ? in Combined Veh/Inf Location

    If you set up Infantry and a vehicle in the same terrain location and you wish to conceal both with your OB given ? counters do you use A: 1 x 5/8" counter for both or do you need B: 1 x 5/8" for the vehicle and 1 x 1/2" for the infantry? A12.12 talks about stacks of units so I'm hoping the...
  10. johnl

    Different Level Smoke HIndrance

    Smoke between different level Target-Firer pairs is something that I just can't seem to grok. See attached (fuzzy - sorry) pic. blocked Is the LOS between R2 Level 2 and the MTR in BB2 blocked by +6 Smoke? Will any L2 or greater Smoke along the LOS affect LOS?
  11. johnl

    Foxholes and Infantry Smoke

    B27.13 says (paraphrasing) that units inside and outside of foxholes in the same hex are in the same location for all purposes except recovery and TEM. A24.7 says "It costs one additional MF/MP to enter a SMOKE (including Dispersed SMOKE) Location during the MPh/RtPh". An infantry unit in a...
  12. johnl

    Setting up Spotted Mortars

    The answer to this is not clear to me from reading A12.34 and C9.3 or anything else for that matter, including my tea leaves.:rolleyes: Can a spotter set up hidden if the mortar (Gun) sets up hidden?
  13. johnl

    VASL Preferences File

    Can someone please tell me where the VASL preferences file is stored in Windows 10? I remember it being in C:\Documents and Settings\user|VASSAL but that folder doesn't seem to exist anymore. I tried a filename search but no luck. Any help is appreciated.
  14. johnl

    British Carrier B AAMG?

    Playing J66 Sound Retreat and first time using Carriers. The Carrier B has an ATR MA but also shows -/-/2 for MGs. Does this mean that the ATR is mounted on an AA mount with 2FP vs infantry or is there a separate AAMG.
  15. johnl

    Deluxe Overlays

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to set up Deluxe scenario A13 The Mailed Fist and can't get the overlays to sit or size right. I'm using VASL 6.4.1 and have downloaded the latest boards and overlays from For example when trying to add overlay DX1 to board cC5 I get a small hex in location B3...
  16. johnl

    Smoke and Acquisition

    Gentlefolk Playing Crossfire AP78 and fired WP from a big mortar with acquisition but missed. C6.5 sez "or the Gun malfunctions or fires SMOKE " loses the acq. Is a miss with smoke considered "firing:?
  17. johnl

    ASL166 Skiing in Lapland AT Mines

    Greetings I didn't see a Haakka Paalle Q&A thread on the forum so... In ASL166 Skiing in Lapland SSR3 sez that 'the Finnish player may secretly place any number of counters from the Finnnish OB in "reserve"'. Does this include the OB given AT mine "counters"? It would seem slightly sleazy to...
  18. johnl

    LOS From Woods Down the Road

    Gentlefolks My opponent and I are having a disagreement about LOS out of a Woods-Road hex and down the road. In the attached illustration does the Finnish unit in Q5 have a LOS down the road to L2? We do agree that there is LOS to P4. Any rules cite would be appreciated. johnl
  19. johnl

    Ground Level Locations SSR

    Scenario A25 Cold Crocodiles SSR2 states that ”all buildings are ground-level only". Do the buildings retain their original height for LOS purposes or are they all one level tall? This could affect blind hexes for the OBA observer.