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  1. Honosbinda

    B14.2 Orchard Hindrances (out of season)

    Actual game situations in Oz Bay Breakout. I think this has been cleared up with errata/rules updates, but not on the Chapter B terrain chart for orchards. So I'm asking for clarification: a) A unit on a rooftop is at level 1.5, so according to A6.4 has LOS over a level 1 in-season orchard...
  2. Honosbinda

    Ozerkeya Bay Machine Gun insanity

    Okay, so enjoying very much the OZ Bay overall, but I don't care for the allocation of machine guns, specifically MMGs and HMGs. I've done an analysis of the amount of MGs each side can get in a refit purchases, and it's easy to get 2-3 times the number of MMGs or HMGs any DYO game would allow...
  3. Honosbinda

    Guns are Ordnance... this is a given.... (?)

    Trying to confirm this: Ordnance (any weapon which must score a hit on a To Hit Table before rolling again on the IFT or To Kill Table to resolve that hit): [which weapons are those? Where is this specified? I can't find this.] Gun (for firing purposes, any weapon on a 5/8" counter...
  4. Honosbinda

    Odd updating of NUL board over and over when loading a saved file

    Hello, anyone experiencing this? Once I created this map, I am getting repeated updates of the NUL board, even though I am using the most recent download v1.0 from This isn't crashing the game, but it is worrisome for the future. Because some time ago, the desert boards were doing...
  5. Honosbinda

    Scenario B3 Prussian Panic -- DAGGER or Michicon version?

    This has come up as my opponent and I decide on this scenario for tournament play (or not). The 1988 Michicon version seems more accurate because the older DAGGER version has an SSR about non-existent aircraft. So it seems like a draft version (but so does a lot of DAGGER stuff from those...
  6. Honosbinda

    Can a pillbox (B30) be placed in a gully (B19)?

    Perry sez: Can a pillbox (B30) be placed in a gully (B19)? ******** No. ....Perry MMP
  7. Honosbinda

    Gullies and Pillboxes

    B30.1 my opponent insists that PB can be set up in gullies; however this rule indicates that PB can ONLY be set up in specific terrain types, gullies not included. The perception is that a a gully hex is really just OG with a gully; whereas to me, a gully is a gully is a gully. I'm probably...
  8. Honosbinda

    HOB Sequence A15.1, A15.41

    Question A15.1 states Heat of Battle DR follows any Original MC or Rally (not Self-Rally) DR of 2. The implication is that this DR is done immediately before anything else, including fire effect results on remaining units. In fact, this is a necessity when leaders go berserk. Players have to...