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  1. larrymarak

    MMC and SMC

    Any idea why Avalon Hill (or MMP) departed from John Hill's terminology of squads and leaders and called the MultiMan counters and SingleMan counters?
  2. larrymarak

    Mapping battlefields

    Having just received Zerf Stranglehold and Hell's Gate 1&4, I can only say HASL=Critical Hit.
  3. larrymarak

    Quad sets

    Anyone received Quad set yet? Want to confirm hex size...believe its 1.75 inches side to side, but measuring is believing.
  4. larrymarak

    The return of 1 inch square counters.

    Bought 40 Nat sets? Time to start over with 1 x 1 inch counters coming back, along with 2.2 inch hexsides to hexide versions of the sweet 16 ASL maps.
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    Kohima coming out in spring. Don't know if its the same design that's floated from Heat of Battle to Le Franc Tireur since 2007.
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  7. larrymarak

    Who has room for this much ASL?

    Per today's emailer CH now has all their WW2 era ASLComp counters in stock. That's 38,000 counters! I can't imagine how many cabinets it would take to deploy these.
  8. larrymarak

    52 plus square feet ASL gameboards!

    Today (7-16) CH announced the release of UBER scale maps for their Drive to the Volga series. Volga 2 ..Mamayev more than 52 square feet of map. And that's one of the smaller releases!
  9. larrymarak

    How many copies overall

    Anyone have a WAG (wild a..ed guess) how many ASL rulesbook ( all editions) have been sold? JUST wondering if Hasbro decided to not renew MMP's license and publish ASL as a video game cartridge or a Risk type toy, how long there'd be supply of ASL rulesbook out there.
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    Is coming along. Final checking of counter art underway for the first Module, Agincourt 1415. One of the Duke's had his sword drawn while still in his scabard...this was just caught in proofing. Which battles would you like to see next in Hundred Years's War ASL? Personally I'd like to...
  11. larrymarak

    Next series of Civil War ASL modules now available for order at Critical Hit

    The first 3 modules in the new Civil War ASL set includes 4 12.5 by 18.25 geo boards, all combat counters required included in module one, and 6 scenarios per expansion. Module 1 includes the CWASL chapter and 960 combat counters. "Get your Dahlgrins here, and don't run out of tabackee".
  12. larrymarak

    Whole Bunch of ASLComp Middle East

    5 additional middle east modules showcased today in the emailer.
  13. larrymarak

    Reading Tobruks and Blockhouses

    Is there anyone here with Port En Bessen, or the King Red/Operation Deadstick modules ( CH ASLComp) who can explain what the 3 numbers beneath the Tobruk and Blockhouse markers mean? I have the countersheets but not the modules.
  14. larrymarak

    PSW 222 vs Sd 222

    I'm trying to find out whether the PSW series of armored cars differ from the Sd series in that they are front engine and the Sds were rear engine vehicles. I find passing comments about PSW 222s and PSW 234s.
  15. larrymarak

    Critical Hit restoring Deluxe size to ASL

    Critical Hit is now releasing ASL versions of their 2017 Hot Stovepipe series. Each release includes 6 12.5 x 18.25 inch panels, which overlap to form a 2 x 4.5 foot geomorphic map, with 2 hexes 2 inches from vertex to corresponding vertex. Each set includes 6 scenarios. Ranging in size from 3...
  16. larrymarak

    Simple(ton) question

    What is an AP style map or geoboard?
  17. larrymarak

    2-4-1 capable oba

    I don't speak ASL. Does the phrase 2-4-1 capable oba mean anything in aslese?