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  1. heliodorus04

    ISO Dedicated VASL Opponent US Central Time

    I'd like to play two to three times a week in sessions that go 2 to 6 hours in duration. I'm in US Central Time and find it easiest to play North American opponents. In general I can play afternoons, evenings and weekends. I use Discord (Heliodorus04@8098) for voice comms. I'm an experienced...
  2. heliodorus04

    Pacific War by VG Vassal

    I recently purchased a copy and would love to play Vassal some time.
  3. heliodorus04

    New Vasl Player: managing expectations

    I have a thread over in the Vassal forum regarding the fact that I don't use audio/microphone because of an impairment, and up to now I have never played anything in Vassal except X-Wing Miniatures. I would like to give ASL on Vassal a try (emphasis on try). What I want to know is how likely...
  4. heliodorus04

    ASL Vassal and hearing impairment

    I am hearing impaired and therefore I have no use for dialogue with my opponent. For the longest time I thought I would leave Vasl ASL alone for that reason. It may still be a bad idea, but, what do ASL players anticipate will be the difficulties of playing ASL in the Vassal medium with an...
  5. heliodorus04

    How is the Advanced Tobruk System different than Advanced Squad Leader?

    I honestly am a committed (returning after 20 years) ASL player, and over the years I saw this system and had two thoughts: 1) How is it different than ASL? 2) The role of ASL has already been taken. A little research here indicates this game is dead, but I don't know why. I'm just curious. I...
  6. heliodorus04

    XOne Tombraider Dual Person Survival Mode

    Anyone play Rise of the Tombraider and own the aftermarket DLC for Survival Mode? I love Survival Mode (20 days is my max but I could go more) and I don't know anyone to play it with. My gamertag is the same as my account here. Or send me a message.
  7. heliodorus04

    Face to Face Denver Colorado

    I realize this is a message-in-a-bottle attempt to find a face-to-face opponent, but what does it hurt (aside from global warming caused through lighting all the screens that have opened this thread to view these pixels)? I play ASL, but I only play it face-to-face. I live in South Denver...