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    V-2 rockets

    It's T280, I'm playing the Axis, and just realised that the V-2s scheduled to appear have failed to do so for a couple of turns. They are supposed to appear in a super river hex without roads, so I guess that's the problem. I have tried moving engineering assets into the hex to no avail. Is this...
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    PBEM problem

    Hi all, Since the workshop will be starting soon, I thought I should try out how PBEM works (I've never tried it before). Said and done, I loaded Road to Rimini in PBEM mode, ended my turn, saved the pbl-file, and got a message box saying: "Your turn is complete. Please select one of the...
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    Pre-action report (Road to Rimini)

    Anticipating the soon-to-start workshop, I thought I should be a good pupil and have a look at the scenario beforehand ;). (By the way, I hope I haven't broken some unwritten house rule of not investigating the scenario beforehand :OHNO:. Playing a scenario neither player has any knowledge...