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  1. Michael R

    when is a unit eliminated for "failure to rout"?

    The ASOP has the following for the rout phase: 6.2 DURING RtPh: 6.21B Conduct all routs (A10.5-.52; A19.12; E1.54; G14.41); leader(s) may accompany routing unit(s) (A10.711). Broken Infantry in/ADJACENT to Known enemy Infantry/Cavalry might Surrender (A20.21/A20.3) {Interrogation; E2.1}...
  2. Michael R


    This scenario is another that evoked in me the imaginings I had when I read books about the Korean War; a hoard of Chinese soldiers attacking a British defence line in the mountains during April of 1951. One can call this a "night light" scenario, because a SSR takes away Straying, Jitter Fire...
  3. Michael R

    Warning: Out Of Date Custom Code

    Running VASSAL 3.4.7 on a Mac with VASL 6.6.1 . This does not seem to be causing any problem for me; I am just letting our VASL gnomes know about it. VASL version 6.6.1 Extension 5SV v5.8.2 loaded Extension VASLOverlays_v2.02 v2.02 loaded Extension VBM v5.7 loaded Extension turnscrewv1_1 v1.1...
  4. Michael R

    El Alamein

    Someone posted an interesting link on BGG about Alamein
  5. Michael R

    VASL 6.6.0 Mac Ctrl+Left Click issue

    My opponent and I were using VASSAL 3.4.2 and VASL 6.6.0 . I am using a Mac, he is using a Windows OS. When I Ctrl+Left Click on a counter to put a red circle around it, I also the see the counter menu, as if I had right-clicked on the counter. If my opponent on his Windows machine does...
  6. Michael R

    Cropping historical maps

    I am trying to crop a HASL map to play a small scenario. It is on the Ortona map. I could not make VASL keep both crops, so I tried a similar operation on the RBv3 map. I cannot do it there either. On RBv3 I tried to make a map using hexrows A to W and coordinates 0 through 7. Whichever one I...
  7. Michael R


    This scenario takes place on Guadalcanal. A 40 squad force of Japanese try to cross a stream and push through an American defensive line. The Marines start with 13.5 squads, 2 MMG, 2 light mortars and a .50 cal HMG. They also have a 37mm AT gun with almost unlimited canister. As might be...
  8. Michael R

    SSR in A27 King's Castle

    The scenario has this SSR about the large board 6 building. Stacking limits in building 6N4 are one squad-equivalent per hex. Over-stacking penalties apply to each location in a hex in which this is violated. This building has square stairwells, so normally three locations per building hex. If...
  9. Michael R


    This is a large D-Day scenario that exists in two versions, according to the ASL Scenario Archive. One version comes with the War-Oboe Publications Monster Pack #1.1; the other version appears in an issue of VFFT as scenario V9. V9 is the version that Magnus and I played. I cannot tell if the...
  10. Michael R

    transform woods to orchards

    I am about to play G16 Alligator Creek. There is an SSR changing woods to orchards. I could not find a way to do that in VASL. Is there a way? TIA
  11. Michael R

    VASL trip flare counter

    With Bruno and I binging on night scenarios, we had the opportunity to use trip flares in VASL. In one scenario, Bruno had enough trip flares in his OB that he assigned several hexes with greater than one trip flare. He assumed that the placement of the trip flare counter was like placing a...
  12. Michael R


    Bruno sprung scenario 210 THIS IS WHERE WE STAND on me as part of our night rules experience. Although we had played daytime Korean scenarios, we had not yet played with steep hills, nor with the Communist Chinese. Whoever picks the scenario then defends, so I had the attacking Chicomm side...
  13. Michael R

    I did not know this. (but actually, I did)

    Playing since 1990; I have never seen anyone mention this rule, nor did I know to use it: C4.3 APCR/APDS: APCR ammunition was less accurate at long range due to the poor ratio of weight to diameter. APDS ammunition was also less accurate at long range due to the separation of the sabot from the...
  14. Michael R

    Fallschirmjaeger AT guns

    At some point in time, they were 50mm Pak 38. At another point in time they were 75mm Pak 40. I need to know the switch-over point for the third regiment because they fought in Ortona. My book and web search has not yielded that information. TIA
  15. Michael R


    Andy Beaton and I both enjoy desert scenarios. VASL makes the overlays aspect less daunting. We did a PBEM match of scenario 39 TURNING THE TABLES from West Of Alamein. This scenario has a lot going on: dry EC, a Breeze, Light Dust, Late Afternoon Sun Blindness, Sand, High Sand Dunes, Known...
  16. Michael R


    Scenario G27 VAAGSO VENTURE has a sizeable British commando force attacking Germans in Norway in December 1941. The British objective is to destroy the fish oil facilities of Vaagso. The scenario archive lists the designer as "unknown". I wondered to myself if this scenario pre-dated the ocean...
  17. Michael R

    G13.445 Heavy Surf and A-B mines

    A tetrahedron has an inherent A-B mine. One can also place A-B mines separately from a tetrahedron. The last sentence of G13.445 states "A -1 drm applies to each Tetrahedron (14.51), and a +1 drm applies to each A-B mine, attack dr vs a LC." Does this mean the drm for a Tetrahedron is really...
  18. Michael R

    G13.4421 Heavy Surf beaching DR

    On a 9 or a 10, a LC trying to beach during the MPh will beach, but become TI and unable to expend further MP. G13.4421 states "A TI LC (including its PRC) may conduct no activity for the remainder of the Player Turn [EXC: if the LC becomes a wreck while TI, its TI status is lost and 12.69-.691...
  19. Michael R


    Scenario FT240 COMMANDO BEACH 1 comes from issue fourteen of Le Franc Tireur that featured the Italian military, so of course it has Italians. The designers are Steven Swann and Xavier Vitry. I do not know of any Italian beach landings, but of course the Italians were at the receiving end of...
  20. Michael R

    G14.64 question (NOBA accuracy, Heavy Surf)

    Here is the rule: 14.64 ACCURACY: NOBA, regardless of its nationality, is Accurate on a Final dr of ≤ 2. A +1 drm applies to its Accuracy dr if Heavy Surf is in effect (13.449) [EXC: Offboard Observer (14.68; E7.6)]. Does the EXC apply to the second sentence or to the whole rule? "Whole rule"...