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  1. Larry

    Deployment and leader concealment

    The presence language makes the leader sound passive. The second sentence resolves the ambiguity: That makes it clear that the leader is performing an action in the rally phase and if he attempts deployment, that is his only action for the RPh.
  2. Larry

    Gap in Wall and LOS

    That rule applies to bocage: B9.5 All rules pertaining to walls [EXC: HEAT NA (C8.31)] are applicable to bocage except as modified below.
  3. Larry

    Gap in Wall and LOS

    B9.3 - If the LOS crosses the wall/hedge hexside through a road depiction (such as 6W9-X9) the wall/hedge TEM can only apply if the target is a non-moving unit.
  4. Larry

    Decision on WO2021?

    An MD that I know states that her information suggests that there are four iterations/mutations of the virus floating around. The version that came from Italy and hit New York/New Jersey was far more deadly than the version that landed in Seattle, Washington. That's what I was told by people...
  5. Larry

    Decision on WO2021?

    In my discussions with federal administrative law judges, I am struck by the observation that a suggestion of in-person hearings in July 2021 is overly optimistic.
  6. Larry

    Winter Offensive 2021 Canceled

    I suggest an online fundraiser for the WW2 foundation or whatever other charity MMP chooses to support.
  7. Larry

    D5.341 Recalled AFV and VP

    D5.341 ... Recall eliminates any Armor Leader present in that AFV. A26.211 ... A leader (including armor leader) is worth one VP plus one VP for each negative leadership modifier it possesses (a leader with a zero or positive leadership modifier is worth one VP); a wounded leader is worth full...
  8. Larry

    What is the RESULT?

    routing to U6 takes interdiction and unless pinned must continue to rout, in OG and normal range to P6. He has no rout options that do not take him closer. Dies for FTR. routing to T6 takes interdiction, continues to T7 and takes interdiction, continues to the woods in U8 and must stop. low...
  9. Larry

    Armored Assault

    Could have declared CX or could have used road bonus is not enough ... did declare CX or did use road bonus ... D9.31: The Infantry must actually declare Double Time if the AFV is to move on the basis of double time MF. [ASLML]
  10. Larry

    Is Dashing allowed via a Narrow Street (B31.11)?

    You quoted the B31.11 language that dashing along or across a narrow street is NA. If you opponent is correct, what does that sentence in B31.11 mean? Your opponent is wrong. the plain language of B31.11 says not allowed.
  11. Larry

    Foxholes in a Storage Tank hex?

    Any terrain except ... just don't leave the foxhole with the location encircled.
  12. Larry

    Woods-Road LOS question

    Imagine no woods in L2. There are woods in K3. They block LOS down the hex grain from G5.
  13. Larry

    Battle Harden during MPh...extra MF?

    "back" is probably not the right word but it is the right concept. It gets the additional MF back
  14. Larry

    AFV Rider in a building at setup.

    It is clear that through includes entry. What is not clear is if through includes exiting. That being said, I think the better interpretation is that through includes exiting. If the intent were otherwise, the rule would state enter building, etc. The use of a different word points to a...
  15. Larry

    Does Ambush drm for Pinned apply to OT vehicles?

    A7.82 -- A vehicle itself can never be pinned, nor can its Inherent crew; however, leave the Pin counter on the vehicle to show that the above penalties apply.
  16. Larry

    A SMC cannot carry his own LMG and his buddies LMG (2PP)...???

    Ah ... the duplicate post problem
  17. Larry

    Can a leader carry his own LMG and help carry his buddies LMG?

    I agree, that is the wrong way of computing it. If the leader is carrying, he cannot assist another infantry unit in carrying.
  18. Larry

    Distance from Board Edge

    The ambiguity of language. Probably why it is better to specify a hex # rather than a distance.
  19. Larry

    Bazooka White Phosphorus

    Pretty sure they place full WP ...
  20. Larry

    Road Bonus and Narrow Streets

    If a CT AFV sets up in the building, can it go CE on the start MP and exit for 1/2 MP on the road?