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    V-2 rockets

    I thought so - thanks for the confirmation!
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    V-2 rockets

    It's T280, I'm playing the Axis, and just realised that the V-2s scheduled to appear have failed to do so for a couple of turns. They are supposed to appear in a super river hex without roads, so I guess that's the problem. I have tried moving engineering assets into the hex to no avail. Is this...
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    EA Heldenkaiser (Allies) vs. Telumar (Axis)

    Re: Axis Turn 165 / 23rd August 1942 if you refer to this particular game, Held is on sabbatical from all gaming at the moment. I hope to see him back at some point though, since this AAR has been a pleasure to follow. Regards Martin
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    OOB question - removing devided units

    Hi, Two easier alternatives not yet available, but hopefully "soon" are: (1) Dump the scenario to a XML, edit (x,y) in that file and load it back to the editor. The caveat is that there is a bug in the editor to the effect that formation tracks are not loaded from XML files. Hopefully this...
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    Ea 2012

    I second that. Hope to see more of you on the forum when cirumstances allow, Veers! Cheers Martin
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    Chemical warfare question.

    Yes, the situation briefing has shown that NATO has restrained themselves, despite my liberal use of chemicals. What annoys me is that playing dirty (literally :D) has not paid off that much. And what's even worse, I got the attached news string when opening the latest turn. And I who thought...
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    Chemical warfare question.

    The manual (p. 60) Says: '- Force 1 or 2 Is Granted Chemical Release: Subsequent Attacks by the Force’s Artillery and Aircraft equipment are enhanced by chemicals.', which I interpret as all artillery attacks and aircraft combat support being enhanced. I was granted chemical release in...
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    graphic bug

    I knew I had seen this somewhere, and managed to trace it to a post in the Matrix support forum. Unfortunately, no answer is given there, but at least it confirms that it can happen with other scenarios as well.
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    Diary from the Burma Campaign (Allied) [PARTIAL]

    Re: Diary from the Burma Campaign (Allied) Nice work, Wyatt! I like your commenting while moving. This could be the way to present the ultimate TOAW tutorial, with links from the TOAW University :cool: BTW one week ago, I flew over Burma with clear sighting conditions. The view was...
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    Italian Campaign (Veers-Allies vs Silvanski-Axis) [COMPLETE]

    Re: Italian Campaign (Veers-Allies vs Silvanski-Axis) I hope to see something similar from him in the first round of the doubles tournament :D!
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    Defining "Winning"

    I have seen references to a victory point calculator that I suppose would give at least part of the answer, but I don't know where to find it :crosseye:
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    2WIN -- Allied Naval Units

    Yes, I will start the correspondig thread in Axis forum as soon as I have prepared my turn 1 :). Regarding naval units, I noticed in R2R that when I used the Adriatic Group on direct support, it also gave indirect support to other attacks within range. I thought of naval units as floating...
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    My Time

    Well put, Wyatt! I guess all of us rookies agree. At least I have learned a lot in this workshop :) Martin
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    Reading List / Suggestion

    Fresh links Here are updated links to some of the reading suggestions from the link given above: Notes from the Front by Siberian Heat (pics do not load correctly) TOAW FAQ TOAW Strategy Guide (1.06) by Steve Knowlton and Steve Schneider How to Begin a Game: The Road to Rimini by...
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    PBEM problem

    Thanks for the reassurance, I got a bit worried there! BTW I tried different scenarios, and the eqp issue only occurred once (with "Anonymous Heroics PBEM"), so it was probably a minor thing in the general mess I created!
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    PBEM problem

    Hi all, Since the workshop will be starting soon, I thought I should try out how PBEM works (I've never tried it before). Said and done, I loaded Road to Rimini in PBEM mode, ended my turn, saved the pbl-file, and got a message box saying: "Your turn is complete. Please select one of the...
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    Pre-action report (Road to Rimini)

    Excellent reference! (However, I got lost in the redirections when following the strategyzoneonline links :crosseye:) Judging from the attached map images, it looks as if the terrain in the older version of the scenario isn't as rough as in the new version shipped with TOAW 3. I suppose this...
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    Pre-action report (Road to Rimini)

    Anticipating the soon-to-start workshop, I thought I should be a good pupil and have a look at the scenario beforehand ;). (By the way, I hope I haven't broken some unwritten house rule of not investigating the scenario beforehand :OHNO:. Playing a scenario neither player has any knowledge...