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  1. Oberst Hausser

    3rd level OBO's and 2.5 level factories?

    This applies to both RB and RO and has the same consequences. The main issue is once a factory is gutted can a Off Board Observer (Level 3) see "over the top"? If not one is left with an aerial observer which has a number of negative consequences. Is it the opinion of...
  2. Oberst Hausser

    DM'ing already broken units.. easier than u think

    After re- reading the rules it seems that TEM has no effect on the ability to DM broken units. This would make low odds attacks problematic, however just want to check that this is so. Needless to say this makes broken units "dead ducks".
  3. Oberst Hausser

    RO "railway"

    L32 M 33 Do they block LOS like a wall ? In the RB map I think the D hexline probably would have.....
  4. Oberst Hausser

    LOS on RO map

    RO LOS study: Without further adieu let's look: Q28 - G28 10 hexes 2.5 1 ( the roof) The difference is 1.5 hexes ( vertical) This seems to be 1(building) + 2 (range) = 3 hex blind-spot , with -1 per >1 elevation difference. This means every...
  5. Oberst Hausser

    Omm myyy Lordy . Reading for the next year... done, If this doesn't keep you occupied your DEAD. :)
  6. Oberst Hausser

    History Eastern Front 303

    I have come across a number of books, articles, thesis etc that paint a different picture of the usual pre 1980 books. This usually makes it way into 2000 etc etc. If anyone is interested in this just lmk.
  7. Oberst Hausser

    RO 23rd opening moves U can be German

    Anyone interested in (and who wouldn't be) playing the 23rd and 24th of RO in Tag-X ? The game is pretty much decided by the 24th. If the German loose all their toys things could be a little difficult. I also have a bigger map thanks to a clever map editor that also has LOS that...
  8. Oberst Hausser

    Some routing and a CC question.

    CC: How long does a CX counter remain on CC unit? Rout: A unit in a building needs to rout, in order of "presentation" is a rubble hex - open hex with a foxhole in it and then a building. Can it directly enter the foxhole to avoid interdiction? If so can it then also directly...
  9. Oberst Hausser

    Onedrive makes it dead simple to attach pictures to maps From being a big problem OD virtually falls over itself to get it done. …Its almost so easy you might fall asleep. Graphics from Youtube Divisions signs Screen captures of various tables Happy days are here...
  10. Oberst Hausser

    Does a stopped AFV in bypass disallow enemy unit entry to the hex?

    If an AFV stops in a hex in bypass does this prevent enemy units from entering the hex unless it first passes PAATC ? This is regardless of which hexside the AFV is facing. This is essentially the same tactic as AFV AFV AFV AFV no infantry can get past the "AFV wall" until it...
  11. Oberst Hausser

    How does TPBF work here ( i.e. does it)

    Situation. enemy in building ? AFV in bypass stops in hex . enemy looses ? when the AFV stops AFPh DUE to the AFV being in the hex in a TPBF sense, can the AFV fire using cmg, bmg x3 ( TPBF) with times .5 for motion then fire with the TEM (+3)...
  12. Oberst Hausser

    OBA LOS over roofs

    In observing a village some 2 km away the OBA observer notices many roofs and all in his LOS. DOES the fact that the AR./SR landed on the roof ( as it was the first thing it hit on the way down) grant LOS as if it landed on open ground etc? Ta
  13. Oberst Hausser

    CC and broken units - how to

    OH bother.... I have always thought that CC vs enemy units whether ?, DM (broken) or GO happen all at once. Similar to fire at a hex with ? and non ? units and let the mods apply as they will. Thus say 8FP at the non ? and 4 at the ? one. That is all at once...
  14. Oberst Hausser

    How to send an error log file (bug) please

    Can someone please instruct how and what to send in a error file. There is frequently a size error.. The main thing that happens is that pieces just disappear or do not actually want to be placed on the board. Thank you
  15. Oberst Hausser

    Advance under duress.. we are CX sarg !! hope this helps

    In the example above during the Advance Phase - due to the move requiring 4 MP - all units in the stream may not advance to M7 or M8 due to the units (all therein) being CX. In another slightly different case ( where units need not be CX) in no case may a unit advance if it retains no MF...
  16. Oberst Hausser

    Invisible - disappearing pieces

    Now with 6.5.1 - beta when pieces are placed on a board they just don't appear. This is my own from scratch. I also note I can't start a log file... I had this a long time ago with a RB game. Hope someone has some idea.
  17. Oberst Hausser

    Why the corruption VASL

    This is just some of the error log which I hope can help.... 2020-06-29 16:21:41,216 [0-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Starting 2020-06-29 16:21:41,223 [0-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - OS Windows 10 10.0 2020-06-29 16:21:41,223 [0-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Java version...
  18. Oberst Hausser

    Strange LOS Q- which effects ? loss

    If there are two stacks adjacent but both in +3 smoke, there is no LOS between them because of +7 LOS Hindrances (extra for outgoing). However, if one unit "bumps" the adjacent stack the MvPh, does he force it to reveal a unit? I had an opponent who said no because the LOS range is infinite (no...
  19. Oberst Hausser

    AREA fire and mortars...

    As per the rules area fire represents firing at the house, ground, wall, etc. When it hits a multi hex building "all locations can be effected" if in the LOS of the firer. So far so good. ( esp in a Stuka). When a target is concealed (also via dummy) the target [ not ground etc] is harder to...
  20. Oberst Hausser

    Pictures of the Dinant Area with 1940 shots

    For those playing Dinant here is some food for thought.